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Monthly Archives: September 2014


A Math Error, High Blood Pressure, and Request for Netflix Suggestions

Note: Kendra Lindell is expecting twins next month. She writes about her experience here. It's been an eventful week. I thought I was in the clear, but as I was rounding up on 36 weeks this past week, I started getting a feeling like maybe we weren't quite ready. Call it mother's intuition, but something

Family Practice Physician Matthew Bliven, MD, Receives Capella Healthcare’s Physician Leadership Award

McMinnville Family Physician Matthew Bliven, M.D., is the recipient of Capella Healthcare’s 2014 Physician Leadership Award. The award was presented on September 20 during the company’s annual National Physician Leadership Group conference. A member of the medical staff at Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC), Dr. Bliven has served in numerous leadership roles, benefitting the hospital’s

Family Movie Night

You can't be healthy if you're not happy, period. All aspects of our health and wellness function optimally when we are truly happy. I've blogged about this topic several times, but it's one of those areas in life that I think we can all use a friendly reminder. So you. Yes you. Today I am

Ladder Safety and Preventing Falls

I just bought a new ladder at Costco the other day. It's a Little Giant Ladder System and it's pretty darn awesome. Yes it has a ton of features including the ability to convert into a 17 foot extension ladder, but I mostly bought it because it's widely recognized for its safety features. Let's face

The Fear of Premature Labor Passes — and a Sneak Peak at the Nursery

Note: Kendra is expecting twins in October. She has agreed to write about her experience here each week. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and watching the possibility of premature labor, the worst fear of those pregnant with twins, slide behind me. While 36 weeks has always been my goal, and I'm hoping I can get there,

I’m All Set, But What Are We Going to do Once They’re Here?

Note: Kendra is expecting twins next month. She has agreed to write about her experience here each week. I'm 34 weeks pregnant (wahoo!). That equals lot of weeks pouring over new information on a topic that used to be pretty foreign to me. First there was learning about pregnancy: what to eat, what not to

Lucille Kuhn, RN, Celebrates 50 Years at Willamette Valley Medical Center

On September 1 Lucille Kuhn, RN, celebrated 50 years of employment at Willamette Valley Medical Center. But in typical fashion, Lucille is taking it all in stride. She earned her BS degree in nursing from the University of North Dakota in May of 1964, landed at the old McMinnville Community Hospital four months later, and