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Karl Kamper and Carla Galbraith honored as MVPs

McMinnville, Sept. 24, 2015- In the world of healthcare, there is no one person that saves the day, but instead, a team of people working together to save EVERY day. Health systems are so intricate and stretch throughout multiple facilities with hundreds of moving parts. The team of people that have been brought together at

Week 9- Food is Good, But People are Better

My brother is getting married next Saturday!! Its so exciting but also a little stressful finishing up all the details. I am happy because this weekend is my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party. As with any celebration, there will be a lot of food and drinks. I am determined to balance out having fun wit...h staying

A Day with Daddy

This past Sunday I left the house baby free to enjoy yoga overlooking a beautiful vineyard followed by some adult conversation with a few women over some sips of wine. It was some much needed time for myself. The babies stayed home with Dad and I believe that time was much needed as well. Spending

Fast Food: To Eat or not to Eat?

I had a great day with my youngest son, Thomas. We spent the morning at the Portland Zoo with many of his older cousins. He loved looking at the lions, crocodiles, and bat exhibits. The picture attached is one of Thomas enjoying the Zoo train. Due to all of the excitement with his cousins there,

Week 8 – Time is Flying…

I can't believe it’s already been 8 weeks since my surgery! Time has flown by so fast and so many changes have happened already. Not only has my body been changing, but my social life has changed as well. We are in the midst of preparing for my brother wedding in a couple of weeks

It’s never how you think it will be…its BETTER

Long before I was pregnant when I envisioned myself with a baby I saw myself taking him or her everywhere with me. We would go listen to music, hang out with friends and do all the things I would normally do. What I didn't envision was having two babies in the mix. The multiplicity has

Week 6 – Noticing a Difference

I have heard it said that it takes eight weeks for people to start noticing a difference in your body when losing weight. I am on week seven and my friends, family and even acquaintances are noticing a big difference. Not only do I look thinner, but some people have told me that I carry

Sometimes, life throws you a flat tire…

Earlier in the week, I was on my home from work when I suddenly felt my car shake. Whoomp, Whoomp, Whoomp! Aw man, I know what that was! I pulled over, looked at the rear passenger tire, and confirmed that the tire was indeed as flat as a sheet of paper. I think we can

August – Prevent Dehydration

If you were like me, you might have stayed indoors this past weekend or flocked to another venue that has air-conditioning due to 100°F temperatures. Due to the excessive heat, it is even more important to stay hydrated to prevent low blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and even heat stroke. My kids (Henry & Thomas) were


We're in the double digits of months now. Our babies are ten whole months, two away from one year!! Every month they seem to progress more and more and every day something new and exciting awaits me. Karson has really blossomed this past month, making several leaps in his developments. He's babbling much more and


Oh man! I was waiting in line at the Oregon City Transfer Station on Friday (dropping off a load of debris from my mancave project) and as I approached the check in station I rolled my window down to greet the worker. No sooner than my window rolled down, the most terrifying thing happened to

Week 4- “Sometimes the difficult things are the very best things”

This week has been a fun but difficult one. I say difficult because I've been doing so many awesome things that it's been hard to stay on plan. I got to go camping this past weekend with my family. It was hard to pass up S'mores and banana boats, but I did it. We also

Coffee: Food Addiction or Good for You?

Coffee is one of those drinks that has historically gotten a bad rap for “being bad” for your health and in some cases causing cancer. To my surprise, coffee has been recently added to the American Institute for Cancer Research’s (AICR) “cancer fighting” food list. Other foods that have made the list include dark green


Summer road trips call to mind car games, stopping at scenic vistas for a photo op and the iconic question, "Are we there yet?" A road trip with two nine month old teething babies is a different story. Vacation is always fun but the thing about being a mom is even when you're on vacation,

On the road again…

Today I write this blog to you from highway I-5, near Ashland, while my beautiful wife is driving. We just finished up a four day trip to California to visit my family and had a fabulous time. On the drive down I was trying to brainstorm some ideas to blog about in relationship to traveling.

Week 3- “My Journey is all about ME!”

I am so happy right now! This past week, I have had a life changing experience. I won a scholarship to go to a leadership camp. While I was there, I not only learned what a leader was, but what my values are and how to follow my passion. The more I think about it,

Pizza: Healthy or Not?

I recently went to a birthday party of one of my son’s friends. It was held at one of those inflatable bouncy house places with loud music and lots of excitement. Overall, the kids had a great time at the party and I’m sure all of the parents agreed that their little ones took great

At the Zoo with a Twingo

If you take a walk into our living room, the tornado of toys, play mats and bouncers easily reveal that we are blessed with babies. I wouldn't say I have gone overboard with baby stuff but I definitely jump at the offer of something that promises to make my life a little easier. My most

So you’re nervous?

This week, my son auditioned for a play and the night before the auditions was really tough on him. He kept telling us that his stomach hurt in the evening and then when it was bedtime he couldn’t sleep. It seemed clear to me that he was nervous about the auditions, and after I got

Week 2 – FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!! I am so excited to finally start eating pureed and soft foods. Ever since the surgery, I have been extremely sick of protein shakes. Today is my two week surgeversary and so I am allowed to eat soft, pureed foods. I assume that now that I am eating food, my weight loss

“Snack-Wise at Work”

One question that I often receive as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is “what are healthy snacks options for me at work?” Snack can be part of a very healthy diet as it keeps us full and prevents overeating at meals, maintains blood sugars within normal limits, and gives us needed energy during a busy work


Chief Quality Officer/Ethics & Compliance Officer Carolyn was born in Frankfurt Germany, but moved to California as a baby and spent all but one year of her life there until moving to Oregon in 2008 and falling in love with the McMinnville area. She loves the weather and ability to experience 4 seasons, the green


Shows Yorkshire Terriers. Loves grandchildren. Started at WVMC 27 years ago. Employee of the year. I'm very competitive, so I love to compete with other hospitals to make sure we have the very highest core measures and patient satisfaction scores. I know that if we do, that means we have outstanding patient care. As a


Grew up in Coos Bay and Roseburg. Loves yard work. Drives Miss Daisy '57 Chevy 4-door. Proud grandmother of four and owner of four cats and a dog. Why do you work at WVMC? I like working with people and helping them feel good about themselves. I don't want our patients to feel like we're


MEET SAMANTHA RYNEARSON, CNM: What do I love about being a mid-wife? As a certified nurse-midwife, I love being a resource, a kind ear, a health coach, and a witness to the amazing journey that is life as a woman. I want women to feel empowered and capable of change and growth. Women’s health is


MEET BETH MOLINE, FNP-BC: The First Certified Medical Examiner in Yamhill County. Proficient in Spanish. Nurse practitioner. Practicing occupational medicine since 1986. What is a Certified Medical Examiner? Licensed commercial motor vehicle drivers must complete a physical examination every two years. Beginning this year, those examinations can only be performed by Certified Medical Examiners who


MEET KEVIN HUDSON, NEW OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE CLINIC MANAGER: Masters of Healthcare Administration. Longtime Northwest resident. Enjoys running, jet skiing, skiing and snowboarding. What do you love about your job? I have really developed a passion for occupational medicine. We touch the community in a way that's different than any other department in the hospital. No


MEET KELLY DE KAR, PHLEBOTOMIST: Crochets blankets for her grandbabies. Favorite vacation: Snowed in at Klamath Falls - Running Y Ranch Patients love her! I draw blood all day long. People are scared when they come in, and I can make them feel secure. With kids, sometimes we sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". It's


MEET NATALIE REED, JRIO Program Manager/Coordinator and Physical Therapist: Loves hiking, cooking, wine tasting and reading. Married with 2 kids. Has a twin sister. Ran a half marathon last year. HUGE U of O athletics fan (not just football). Why do you work at Willamette Valley Medical Center? My job is to help patients have


Grew up in Memphis, and loves the Oregon weather. LOVES doing family history research. Loves to travel and spent two years in Southeast Asia working in refugee camps. What do you love about working at Willamette Valley Medical Center? I love that when we meet to make decisions, we always ask, "What's the best practice?"