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Steve Covey: Begin with the End in Mind

Last week Stephen Covey passed away. In his book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” he offered his readers an invitation to “begin with the end in mind.”  He used the analogy of attending your own funeral to teach this principle and habit (Habit #2). How many people would attend?  Who would attend?  What would

  • Your hospital gave my life back!

Our hospital gave me back my life!

About the time I turned 40 my body started falling apart. Over a year and a half I went from being able to work to having such severe hip pain that I couldn't stand to do my job as a physical therapist at our hospital. I was literally sitting on a rolling stool all day

  • Your ER team saved my life

Our ER team saved my life

Every once in a while something so extraordinary happens that begs to be told. Such an experience started for me when my daughter and I took my dog Charlie for a walk. Toward the end of our walk I noticed some pretty strange symptoms in my back and shoulder, strange enough that my daughter rushed

WVMC Receives Rating for Safety

Wow, what an honor! In June 2012, the Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit organization that collects data on hospital safety, published a report on the safety of hospitals.  Willamette Valley Medical Center was one of only 2 hospitals in Oregon that received an “A” rating. The grade was based on 26 safety measures that are

  • If we meet again, I know I'll be in good hands!

If We Meet Again, I Know I’ll Be in Good Hands!

I came to Willamette Valley Medical Center because I felt like five people were in my chest, squeezing as hard as they could, and since they were all standing on my lungs, trying to take a deep breath was next to impossible. From the moment I checked into your emergency department there was protocol and

Thanks to Our Wound Care Center, My Foot is Healed

By Robert Lean, Salishan Resident I have diabetes, and I began to lose circulation in my foot. One of my toes was amputated, and I ended up with a severe infection. My foot was swollen and looked terrible. I was in the hospital for a week on very heavy antibiotics. My wife was worried that

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