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Feel the Burn!

[Editor's note: Hannah is giving us weekly updates on her pregnancy and the first months of her new baby's life.] I wish I was talking about being able to get a really good workout in at almost 8 months pregnant, but sadly I’m talking about the dreaded heartburn a lot of women experience with pregnancy.

Argh, I’m Tired

I've got to admit it, I've been tired the last four weeks, but really, really tired earlier in the week. Not like the tired you feel from staying up a bit too late and having one too many drinks with your best buds, but the tired that hits you all over. I knew I had

My First Pregnancy – And You’re Invited to Share My Journey

My name is Hannah Lavish. I am an RN in the Birthing Center here at Willamette Valley Medical Center. I have been for about a year now and I absolutely love my job! It is such a blessing to help these mothers through their birth process and watch their expressions when their little one looks

It’s a Boy!!!! (And His Name is George)

The media of late has suffered from a very intense condition commonly known as baby fever. Typically this condition affects women ages 16-death, and its symptoms can include eagerly awaiting the arrival of anyone’s baby, drooling over newborn products and clothing, babbling nonsense words at miniature human beings (a.k.a newborns), and starting every conversation with

Has Your Social Life Taken a Dive Lately? Could be Halitosis

Has your social life recently taken a nosedive? Have children started plugging their noses when they are around you? Do vampires avoid you at all costs? That last one might actually be a good thing, unless the vampire in question is young, single, and a “vegetarian.” However, if you answered yes to all three questions,

It’s Hot Out There! Drink Water to Prevent Dehyration

Man, it’s been hot the last couple of weeks. Summertime is officially in full swing. Earlier this week, my coworker Carmen wrote a great blog about Sun Safety Tips. Her blog got me thinking about some of the most common health related problems in the summer, and one that we see quite often here at

Snow White and the Seven Sun Safety Tips

Anyone that has ever seen me at any point throughout my life knows that I am an Oregonian born and raised and the word ”tan” is just not in my vocabulary. Mostly because my skin really does not tan, or burn, for that matter. It just stays pale. When I was younger, in my high

Be Careful With Those Leftover Fireworks!

I had a wonderful 4th of July which included a great barbecue with family, fireworks in the driveway, and then the end of the night firework celebration at the local school. While I was watching my 7-year-old son and my 4-year-old daughter enjoying the spinners and growing snakes in front of the house, I realized

Stay Safe and Cool in the Summer Heat

A friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day, reminiscing about the “old” days when kids did not sit inside an air conditioned house to stay cool on the rare hot, hot Oregon summer day. Instead, kids would run through sprinklers, wade in a small plastic pool, eat Otter pops until fingers were stained

I’m Stubborn

I admit it. Even though I am a nurse, I sometimes wait too long before I go see a doctor for medical concerns. I can't help it sometimes, I just think whatever it is, is not that bad and I'll get better soon. Over the last 8 years I have been much better about going

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