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New Dads Need New Dads

This weekend, one of my closest friends is marrying his long-term sweetheart. I’m so happy for them both, and as we get close to the wedding date, I’ve been reflecting a lot and thinking about our many years of friendship. He and I attended Sacramento State University together in the late 90s, and we actually


I am one tired mama. It's tough being a mama. And it's tough being a working mom. My experience thus far makes me have so much respect for the moms out there who work, have multiple children with various activities and a home that they keep reasonably tidy. But for me, the last 19 months have been

Herd Immunity: Why You Should Know About It

There is a really basic concept related to mathematics. The number of people who are protected against something, in turn, protect those who are not protected. And the greater the number the better. For example, let’s say there are 100 students, and 95 of them are vaccinated against measles. One of the five who are

Working Mom or Stay-At-Home Mom? Whatever Works for You

About a week ago, a friend of mine posted a comment on Facebook about a recent experience she had. Apparently my friend, who is a stay-at-home mom, was told by someone that she should get a job so she could show her kids the importance of earning money. She went on to say that she

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate? That is the question

This week I will address a very sensitive topic to most parents: Vaccinations. Because this is such a sensitive topic, I have to approach this topic delicately. But I want every community member to know that here at Willamette Valley Medical Center, we respect and support your decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate, depending on what

Baby Shower Time!

Just this last weekend my sister threw my dream baby shower…a mustache bash for my little man. The weather was perfect (a little bit on the warm side if you are pregnant) and the turn-out was great! I have been to my fair share of baby showers, but being in the “hot seat” is a

I Drove from West Salem to McMinnville for My Joint Replacement

A while ago I received a newsletter from Willamette Valley Medical Center about the Joint Replacement Institute and really liked the testimonials, so I held onto it. Then I started having terrible pain – it felt like a knife going through my hip. So I pulled out the newsletter and called the Institute. I also

Postpartum Weight Loss: You Are Human, After All

We've all seen it: That recently pregnant celebrity debuts her beautiful newborn (in designer onesies) while she is rocking her recently transformed size 0 body. I see that and I think Wow.  Who did she have to kill to get that body?  And the answer to that question is: Herself. No healthy amount of diet

Baby on the way? Start practicing making decisions

Prior to the arrival of our first child, I never realized how indecisive I truly was. For the most part, I lived a "go with the flow" lifestyle and didn't ever really feel pressured to make concrete lasting decisions. Then, BOOM! Zac arrived. And from that point on, everything was wrapped up in a decision.

Prenatal Yoga… Amazing!

Prenatal yoga is something completely new for me! But I am so happy I decided to start going. Since I’m almost eight months along I’m starting to feel the shift in my growing belly. Low back pain is another new addition to my pregnancy. Although not unbearable, it is definitely uncomfortable. I have only attended two prenatal

Pregnancy Weight Gain: What’s Healthy and What’s Not?

When I was pregnant, I became obsessed with searching through baby centered websites, medical websites, and parenting websites to saturate my brain with as much information as possible so I would feel prepared to be responsible for a tiny human being. In doing so, I came upon tons of advice from other women on pregnancy and

Watch Out for Bee Stings — And Allergic Reactions

I've never been stung by a bee.Never. For all of my life I've used my ninja moves to duck and dodge any approaching buzzer, but I have an incredible fear that if I am stung, I will have an anaphylactic reaction. I know the chances of that type of reaction are very rare, but over the


When we were trying to get pregnant, the last thing on my mind was who my doctor would be. After all, why should I care about what doctor I visit if I wasn’t even sure I would need one soon? After I found out I was pregnant, I confirmed that day with my doctor’s office

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