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My Month as a Vegetarian

Well, it’s almost up. This entire month of January, my wife and I have put forth our best effort to live a vegetarian lifestyle. There were nights when we struggled and really wanted to skip out on our vegetables, but you know what, we did pretty darn good. And we feel pretty darn good too.

Introducing Third Generation Surgeon Dr. Daniel “Scott” Diamond

Dr. Daniel Diamond – who goes by his nickname Scott – was born in Louisiana and raised in Pittsburgh. But the path to Willamette Valley Medical Center was anything but predictable. One would think if your father and grandfather were both surgeons, you would without a doubt carry on the tradition. That is exactly what

Lifestyle Changes + Insomnia = Bad News

So I’m nearing the completion of the 2nd week of my vegetarian month, and I’ve got to admit, I struggled this week. The first week was pretty easy because the challenge was new and exciting. This second week has brought about a lack of focus, a less than stellar attitude towards healthy eating, and a strong desire

Vegetarian Update, Day 4

Okay, so I’m only a few days in, but these first few days of vegetarian eating have been quite exciting. I’ve tried some new dishes, I’ve learned about some new flavors, and I’ve engaged in many eye-opening conversations regarding the vegetarian topic.Last weekend, we went to Barnes and Nobles and picked up the Forks Over

The Year 2013 in Review

Well, here it is, my final blog post for 2013. Next week brings the start of a new year, and before I begin blogging about all of the great things we have planned for 2014, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on this year.Let me first start off by thanking all of you who

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