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Surgery Amazes Me!

Have you ever had a moment when you were walking in the forest and you look around and feel amazed at the sheer beauty of all that surrounds you? Have you ever been playing with your children at the playground and had a moment where you felt completely blessed and fulfilled? Have you ever looked

I Know I’m Not the First One to Go Through This, But…

(Note: Kendra Lindell is expecting twins in October. She has agreed to share her story here each week. You can also read her previous posts on our website.) Last week was a physically demanding one, and even more so for a lady pregnant with twins. Following a busy weekend orchestrating a festival filled with aliens, and a

Meet soon-to-be-mom Kendra Lindell. She’ll be sharing her story.

Note: Kendra Lindell is a McMinnville High School graduate (formerly Wessels) who attended Southern Oregon University where she studied Biology and art before returning to McMinnville to work and live with her husband, Nate. Kendra has agreed to blog the story of her pregnancy, delivery and the first months of their babies' lives. Watch for her

Procrastination: I’ve got to write this blog!

There have been far too many times in my life that I have been Mr. Monday. You know, that guy who makes plans to start something new on the upcoming Monday, but that Monday comes and goes and nothing happens. I’m just going to eat at this restaurant tonight and starting tomorrow I’ll start eating

A Life in Safety

When Alice Cooper, RN, heard about new equipment that could keep patients safer and reduce injuries to staff, she became a strong advocate of the hospital's No Lift Program. The program, which required the purchase of special lift equipment and staff training, has reduced injuries to the back, neck, and shoulder strains and sprains related

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