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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!! Although it's rare to have a white Christmas around here, it's still a special time of year. I feel so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest where we have fresh trees, decent weather and beautiful scenery. Speaking of trees, Jason and I got our first tree together a couple of weeks ago

Santa Claus is a Busy Guy!

Santa Claus is a busy guy. He needs a little extra help, especially nearing Christmas. That's why Nate, my endearing husband, steps in to make a few visits on behalf of the big guy. Year after year he begrudgingly gets suited up and year after year he's blown away at the joy the red suit

6 Months and Counting

I can't believe it's been six months since my surgery! I am so happy to have been blessed with this opportunity to start my life over. I feel amazing since I have lost around 60lbs. I still have a long way to go, but it's a good start. I want to take a moment to

14 Month Update

Karson and Lucy are now 14 months old. They are learning about the world around them quickly and turning into little people even quicker. The other day Lucy came running up to me saying, "Mamamamama!" She pointed her nose up to me revealing a big "caterpillar" dripping down each nostril. I wiped them away and

Music as Therapy

Music as Therapy By Zac Woodruff, RN BS It’s no secret that I love music. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than hearing a piece of music that I connect with. Just the other day, I disappeared into an album (a long awaited release from a good friend of mine), and I

Giving Thanks

Nothing can put your life into a better perspective than reminding yourself of all you are thankful for. In this season of giving thanks, this practice is especially appropriate. I have so much to be thankful for, mostly as a mom, wife and daughter. Here is my full, but incomplete list: I'm thankful for our

Welcome Dr. Amy Kalina- Hospitalist

Welcome Dr. Amy Kalina to the Medical Staff November 25, 2015- McMinnville, OR- Willamette Valley Medical Center is pleased to announce the joining of Dr. Amy Kalina to their medical staff. She is the newest addition to the Willamette Valley Hospitalist team. Willamette Valley Medical Center utilizes a hospitalist program to provide dedicated inpatient care.

Why We Sweat or Don’t Sweat

Why We Sweat or Don’t Sweat By Zac Woodruff, RN BS Yesterday, my wife and I punished ourselves with 90 minutes of rigorous exercise to make up for our indulgences on Thanksgiving and during the Civil War. Oh man, we pushed hard. We did our regular upper body workout and cardio workout, but then my

We Have A Walker

We Have A Walker! This past week Karson started walking. He's still pretty wobbly but he's definitely got it. Seeing him tall and upright, moving across the room is a wonderful sight to behold. Now that we've finally reached this milestone I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me in the worry department. I've

Eat Your Brussel Sprouts

Eat Your Brussel Sprouts By Zac Woodruff, RN BS The other day, I was talking with a patient about how to order their food using our recently unveiled room service option. He thought it was great that he was able to order his own food, on his own schedule. We got to talking about different


WARNING SHELTER ANNOUCEMENT- Due to the expected freezing weather conditions, 2 weather sheters will be opened in McMinnville. *FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 390 NE 2nd St. McMinnville OPEN from 8:00pm - 8:00am Wednesday, Nov. 25 Thursday Nov. 26th *FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 125 SE Cowls St. McMinnville OPEN from 8:00pm - 8:00am Friday, Nov. 27th Saturday, Nov.

Nursing Beyond a Year

I can't believe I'm still nursing Karson and Lucy, I really didn't think we'd make it past a year. I'd love to be done but I know how great my milk is for my babies, and what it provides in terms of nurturing and nutrients. I don't have any excuses or reasons not to keep

Thanks Charlie Brown

"THANKS CHARLIE BROWN" I grew up a Disney kid, but my wife grew up with Peanuts. The specials, the comic strips, the characters… They were a big part of her childhood. ... I’ve passed on my love of Disney onto my kids and wife and she has also passed on her love of Peanuts to

Leading the Nation in Quality

Willamette Valley Medical Center Earns ‘Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®’ Recognition from the Joint Commission for the Fifth Consecutive Year McMinnville, November 17, 2015 – Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) announced today that it has been recognized as a 2014 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of

Week 21 Already?

It's Week 21 It’s been almost five months since my surgery and reality is not what I pictured in my head. I thought at this point I would be close to my goal weight and running half-marathons. I guess I had an unrealistic view of what life would be like after surgery. The good news

WVMC Receives National Honor

 Willamette Valley Medical Center Receives National Recognition for Performance Leadership in Quality and Outcomes McMinnville, OR, November 12, 2015 – Willamette Valley Medical Center today announced it has been recognized by iVantage Health Analytics and the National Organization of State Office of Rural Health (NOSORH) for overall excellence in Quality and Outcomes, reflecting top quartile

No-Shave November…I’m in!

 Alright folks. I’m going to do it. Something I’ve never done. Ever since my patchy beard started to grow in, I’ve kept it neat and trimmed. This month…. Things change. I, along with thousands of people around the world, am taking part in No-Shave November. I’m already 8 days in (my neck is starting to

Diabetes Support Group-cancelled

The monthly Diabetes Support group has been cancelled for the November 10th and December 8th class. Classes will resume in 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like more information about the group and future dates of classes please contact Joe at or you can call him at 503-472-5749

Halloween Gloom

In my book, Halloween has always marked the official entry into the gloomy season of Oregon's winter. Anyone who tried to go trick-or-treating this past weekend may say the same. We had the excitement of a power outage and spent the later evening by fire and candlelight. Fall may still be upon us, but those

Mommy Economics

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. No, I don't actively play with my children all day long. They get plenty of engagement from me but sometimes I need a few moments for daily logistics. It's then that I count on the babies to play and entertain themselves, not always an easy feat. Sometimes it

We Made it To 1 Year!

We made it to a year! Happy Birthday to our sweet little pumpkins. What a year it's been and what a wonderful blessing these two are in our lives. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating. They were baptized on Saturday, we had a birthday party on Sunday and on Monday (their birthday) we got to

It Takes a Village

We are swiftly approaching the big O-N-E! What a whirlwind of a year it has been. It feels like the fastest, most incredible year, full of ups and downs and so much learning. Here are the top twenty things I learned while surviving my first year with twins and my advice to those whose journeys

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