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The Flu is Not Cool

Yes, flu season is in full swing. All around the country kids are staying home from school, employees are calling in sick to work, and hospitals and doctors offices are busier than ever. It's already hit my household, has it hit yours? You may also have heard the recent news from the CDC that this

A Break for Mommy

Ahhhh. Time away from the babies. They are 16 weeks old now and while I love them so dearly, time away is absolutely necessary for my sanity. I hear stories of women whose babies won't take bottles and are stuck without any time away. I'm glad to say this isn't an issue for me. Every

When Your Fur Baby Gets Replaced with Your Real Babies

Long before our world was full of diapers and sleepless nights, we had another little girl in our lives. From the moment we brought her home, she has meant the world to me. She has always been there to greet me and bring a smile to my face. She comforts me when I'm down, and

Measels in Disneyland?

I'm guessing that you've probably heard that at least 19 people from three states, who visited Disneyland between December 15 and December 20, have now fallen ill with measles, bringing up the topic of the importance of vaccinations. This is one of those topics that I believe we all need to be a part of

“Is This Normal?”

"Is this normal?" It's a question I hear from my husband often. He's mostly referring to the amount our sweet babies cry. I've learned when it comes to babies, "normal" doesn't exist, but still I don't think our babies are out of the norm. Just when I think I have things under control, we enter


(I realize my selfie this week has absolutely nothing to do with leverage, but after an utterly amazing Rose Bowl performance, it just felt right - GO DUCKS!) 3 days into the New Year, and just like so many of you, I have some New Year's resolutions that are well underway. What I've learned from

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