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New Orthopedic Surgeon joins Medical Staff

 Dr. Mark Thomas joins WVMC Medical Staff Willamette Valley Medical Center is pleased to announce the newest addition to its medical staff, Dr. Mark Thomas, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. He is joining the Willamette Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic. Originally from Austin, Texas, Dr. Thomas graduated

What To Do About Mr. Lice

A few weeks ago, we welcomed an unwanted visitor into our home. He certainly wasn’t invited, he just showed up. And then he decided to stick around for a days before we finally convinced him to leave. I’m talking about the pesky little guy, Mr. Lice. Perhaps he’s visited your house too. If you have

Get Yourself a Cool Water Container, and See What Happens!

Recently, a wonderful friend of mine gave me a fresh, custom-engraved 40 ounce lava red Hydroflask that has become my at-work water container, and my sister-in-law helped me celebrate my 38th birthday with an awesome 18 ounce kiwi green Hydroflask, perfect for the cup-holder in my car and toting around town. I’m telling you, these

Great American Smokeout 2016

On Nov. 17th,  individuals across the nation will come together in support of the 2016 Great American Smokeout, an event created by the American Cancer Society through an ongoing effort to promote smoking cessation throughout the states. According to the American Cancer Society, there are roughly 40 million smokers located within the walls of our

Our Last Post

When I started writing these weekly posts, two and a half years ago, I was 18 weeks pregnant with twins. I had no idea what lay ahead of me and how much my life would change. At first putting myself out there in a weekly discussion was difficult. Sharing pictures of my huge belly was

Go Outside and Breathe It In

My family and I just enjoyed an awesome weekend visit to Hood River. On our drive back Sunday morning, we stopped off at Horsetail Falls to spend a few more minutes enjoying all of the beauty the Gorge has to offer. Horsetail Falls is a 176-foot tall waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge. The waterfall

Making the “A” Grade for Patient Safety

Willamette Valley Medical Center earns straight “A’s” for 2016 Patient Safety from Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade McMinnville, OR- November 7, 2016 – New Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, which assign A, B, C, D and F letter grades to hospitals nationwide and provide the most complete picture of patient safety in the U.S., were announced today

Eat Your Bananas…. If You Can

I wish I could return to that friendly fruit, the banana, but unfortunately. I cannot. In my early 30s, I developed a mild allergy to bananas. Whenever I ate them, I experienced itching in my mouth and throat and small hives. At first, I didn’t really pay much attention to it, but then it seemed

Connie Pullen, CNO

Stepping Down after 20 Years of Service Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) will sincerely miss their Chief Nursing Officer (CNO),  Connie Pullen who has retired from her position to step into a new role with the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Her last day at the hospital was November 1, 2016. Connie has


We are in paradise. It doesn't get much better than this. We've been spending our days by the pool and beach, splashing and swimming. But it didn't start off so peachy. The day of our flight here was pretty much the worst day ever. In the history of bad moments, days and nights with Karson

Time for the Flu Shot

It's that time of year again. If you get admitted to our hospital, we are going to offer you a flu shot. You have the right to accept it, as well as the right to deny it. It's entirely up to you. This blog isn't aimed at convincing you one-way or the other. I'm not

Getting their own rooms!

I was so excited to give Lucy her own room and in turn, Karson, his. They've always shared a room. Their cribs are side by side. Karson and Lucy spend so much time together, I thought having their own private space would be good for them. And so, I slowly started gathering, dreaming and pulling

Need More Fruit & Vegetables in Your Life? Try Juicing!

I’ve never enjoyed eating vegetables. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less picky with food, but I still don’t get excited about a serving of veggies. I’m a little bit more willing to enjoy fruit, especially grapes (I love those little guys!), but I’m certain that I’m not eating enough of both fruits and vegetables.


Yes, I saw a 104.5 temperature on my little princess on Friday night. My first thought, was, “Oh no! That’s way too high!” So I checked again, and it was 103.8…. Hmmmm. Mind you, I was using a temporal thermometer to obtain this reading. This type of thermometer works by measuring the infrared heat you

Drinking Responsibly

Not gonna lie to you guys. Had a great time last night. My beautiful wife turns 35 today and we threw a little house party last night with our closest friends. We had so much fun. Great people, delicious food, and we sampled many beers from the finest Northwest breweries. Now, let me first let


Today, Karson and Lucy turn two years old! What a difference a year makes. They seem so much older, bigger and more like their own independent selves. Still, they are the same as they've always been.Karson, for the most part is my happy go lucky guy. From the beginning of the day, he always wakes

Crushing Injuries

I had just run to the store to pick up a few ingredients for dinner. I was only gone 15 minutes. When I returned, I noticed the yard debris bin had toppled over next to the curb. Before I went inside, I tried to move the bin, but I couldn’t budge it. It was full

Think Pink

Willamette Valley Medical Center’s 3D-MAMMOGRAPHY™ Continues to Protect It’s Community’s Women Willamette Valley Medical Center invests in women’s future by providing the Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exams- clinically proven to be superior to conventional 2D exams. McMinnville, OR- Sept. 26, 2016- Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) was first in the state of Oregon to offer Genius™ 3D

Understanding Life with Crohn’s Disease

Someone very close to me suffers from Crohn’s Disease and after recently spending some time with them, I realize just how big of an impact it has on someone’s day to day life when they suffer from it. Imagine having diarrhea 10 – 20 times a day. Picture yourself having stomach pain, every day, all

Communicating with the twins

As Karson and Lucy approach two years of age, Nate and I are constantly reminiscing about how far they have come. They've learned and grown so much. We're always amazed at how much they understand what we say and the world around them. Though their words are still limited and sentences are still coming along,

Chopping Wood & Horrible Back Pain

A few days back, I chopped up a bunch of wood from a 50 foot cherry tree that we cut down at my home. My neighbor Lowell brought over a couple of giant sledgehammers and a special log splitting wedge, and we got to work. At first, I didn’t think much about it, other than

Why Yawns Are Contagious

It happens to all of us. Out of nowhere you see someone yawning and then what happens to you? You start to yawn too, right?!?!?!? How can the sight of a physical action, automatically trigger the same reaction in yourself? And actually, it’s not just seeing it. Merely thinking about yawning, reading the word, or

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Most days as a parent I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm almost two years into this parenting gig but it seems every time I start getting things figured out, everything changes. For the past few months we've been in this really sweet spot. Karson and Lucy are becoming more independent,

Let That Belch Out!

So the other night we are all finishing up dinner, when my 7-year-old daughter let out the most thunderous belch. I mean, she could have woken up the entire neighborhood with this one. (Although, I should give a special shot out to my beautiful wife, who is truly the queen of the belch in our

Little Red Arm Bumps

Lately, my son’s arms have been bothering him. You see, on the back of his upper arms he has many small, hard, red bumps. They don’t itch and they don’t hurt, but my 11 year old doesn’t like them, and I totally get it. Usually, the bumps that I’m referring tend to appear on your

The last weeks of summer

The back to school pictures are starting to flood in. Days are noticeably shorter. The end of summer is officially nearing. August always reminds me of a Sunday. Sunday is one of the best days of the week but there's that lingering feeling behind it that the next day is Monday and we all know

Water Safety Tips

A few days ago, we went up to Detroit Lake. Believe it or not, that was the first time we went there and we had an absolute blast. Even with apparently low water levels, the lake was still beautiful and the cool water provided great enjoyment on the hottest day of the year. Before we

Our First Aid and CPR course

Since becoming parents, Nate has stressed the importance of feeling comfortable and knowledgeable with first aid and CPR. Nate is experienced with both but I'm afraid I would be the type to fall more into panic mode. That's not acceptable when I'm constantly caring for two little ones that depend on me. Nate has demonstrated

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