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Ed Gormley Donates Board Leadership Award to St. Vincent de Paul

Mar 29, 2016- Ed Gormley is the recipient of Capella Healthcare’s Board Leadership Award in recognition of his exceptional leadership skills and dedicated service. Gormley was recognized during the company’s first quarter National Leadership Conference with the 2015 award.  Gormley is Chair of the Board for Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) in McMinnville, OR. In

Visiting the Easter Bunny

A few years back, I remember it was Easter and my sister and brother in law were away for a friend's wedding. They left their two little ones with my parents. Nate and I were both shocked that they would leave their kids and travel on a family holiday. But who were we to judge?

Eat Your Breakfast

We’ve heard it our entire lives… Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is it? From my own personal experience, I have to say yes, but also countless research studies have confirmed this as well. When you eat a good healthy breakfast before you get your day going, you set both your

Celebrate Your Poops

Yes. You may want to stop reading right now if the topic of poop makes you uncomfortable. The truth is, if you are going to be a nurse, you’ve got to be okay with poop. If you’re going to be a parent, you’ve got to be okay with poop. If you have animals, you’ve got

Where has this month gone?!

Can you believe that its over half-way through March? Where has this month gone! I am so excited that its almost summer. My hope is that this summer is awesome. I can’t wait to go boating, swimming and camping. The best part of it all, is I don’t have to be ashamed of my body

Time Spent Reading

We spend a lot of time reading books to Karson and Lucy. We all know reading books to children is important. Reading aloud improves their language development and communication skills. The one on one (or in my case, one on two) time is nurturing, and exposing children to books opens new worlds of creativity. I'm

Preparing for the worst

On March 2nd, Willamette Valley Medical Center had a full training and drill of what they would do should a biochemical emergency strike. Preparation is the key to success and Willamette Valley Medical Center is expertly trained. The News Register covered the on for the full story. Preparing for the worst -Tom Henderson/News-Register- March

My Weight-Loss Journey

This week's blog is a little different than the rest. This is a video Stephanie made about 9 months ago before undergoing bariatrics weight-loss surgery. We are showing it today because we want to shed light on the internal struggle with making such a life changing decision. Follow her story here and see how it

It’s Important to Follow Up

Last week, my wife and I took our daughter up to Doernbecher’s for a routine follow up echocardiogram and consultation. In 2012, our daughter, Delilah, had open heart surgery to repair her congenital heart defect. Everything went according to plan and she is a happy, healthy first grader, but we understand that it’s important that

NEW ISSUE- Capella Connection Winter 2016

Capella Healthcare, WVMC's parent company,  operates 10 acute care and specialty hospital facilities in five states. Here is the latest edition of Capella Connection where you’ll learn more about the individual members of the Capella family, including: Capella Connections Winter 2016 *WVMC- What employees of one hospital did for a colleague’s 20-year old son (&

Froyo and Running Errands

Last week I went to visit a good friend in Portland who recently had a baby. I didn't want to subject the new mother to the craziness of toddlerhood so I left Karson and Lucy with Nate who works in that area. His office happens to be near a mall, where I thought would be

Decon Training to Keep You Safe

With all of the terrorist attacks and massive natural disasters taking place over the last fifteen years, a renewed emphasis has been placed on emergency preparedness and establishing decontamination procedures. While I’m sure that we can all agree we hope nothing bad happens to our community in the future, it is good to know that

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