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Let’s Talk About Gun Safety

So I was watching Grey’s Anatomy earlier this week and like always, the showed touched on an uncomfortable topic, unintentional shootings involving children. At the end of the episode Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) talked about how 9 children are shot unintentionally every 24 hours in the United States. When she said that, I just couldn’t

Goals in breastfeeding

A lot of people are surprised that I'm still nursing at 18 months despite there's no magic number of months you're supposed to adhere to. My doctor and others recommend two years but for some reason anything over a year elicits some kind of reaction from others. My original goal in breastfeeding was to make

Let’s Talk About Shingles

Recently, a friend of mine told me that she thought she might have shingles. I asked her about it and she told me about her symptoms. It sounded to me that her inclination might be right and I advised her to get that checked out asap. Now, when I say the word shingles, do you

Wild weather and busy times

We have such wild weather here in the Pacific NW. It was such a gorgeous weekend and then it's so rainy this week. Despite the weather, I have kept extremely busy between the play, school and Rotaract. I had a very fun weekend. Not only did we have a bridal shower for the play, but

They’re not babies anymore

Karson and Lucy are 18 months now. Although they'll always be my babies, in recent months, I haven't been sure if I should refer to them as babies or toddlers. There's no mistaking now, they're not babies anymore. They run and dance and climb. They play and babble and sing. They know how to throw

I Really Don’t Like Cardio

That’s the truth. I don’t like running. I can’t stand watching the minutes countdown on the exercise machine (I swear 30 minutes on an exercise machine is the longest 30 minutes in the world). I don’t like feeling stinky and sweaty. I really don’t like cardio. I don’t mind lifting weights so much. Usually I

Taking the time to write…

Hello again! Although I love making video blogs, it's always nice to be able to take the time to write one out too. March was a very busy month between finishing up my Winter term and spring break. However, the next few months are full throttle between school, Rotaract and theater. Right now I am

Willamette Valley Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Center Honored with National Award for Excellence in Wound Healing

McMinnville, OR 4/6/16– Willamette Valley Medical Center physicians, leaders, and clinicians gathered today to celebrate the Robert A. Warriner III, M.D., Center of Excellence award, which was given to Willamette Valley Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center because it has met the Center of Excellence quality standards for Healogics. This Center, a department of Willamette Valley

Cruising in the Bahamas

Last week, Nate and I enjoyed a wonderful cruise in the Bahamas. Karson and Lucy stayed with my parents giving us a much needed break. We had an amazing trip but now I'm glad to be home, recharged and recalibrated in a fulfilled state of mind. Heading out was strange at first. Checking into our

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