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Patience is…

I've never had my patience tested as often and as prolonged as I do these days. But then again I don't think I ever quite knew what patience was before I had kids. Now, I feel like an expert. Patience is... ...taking ten minutes to go up the stairs with your children because they want

Everything is changing!

Everything is changing! The play I was in just ended and Rotaract finishes next Tuesday. But the biggest change of all is that I am graduating college in two weeks. I have been in college for seven years, so it's going to be weird moving on to something else. But, as someone said, "when one

Sensitivity to loud noises

For as long as I can remember in her short little life, Lucy has always been sensitive to loud noises and things out of the ordinary. The blender, the vacuum, the hair dryer, helicopters, planes, lawnmowers and loud trucks are all examples of things that can set her off, even when they aren't running. She'll

Let’s Talk About Apple Cider Vinegar

The other day I was taking care of a patient who suffered from diabetes. I asked her how she managed her blood sugar and she told me that a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, each day, did wonders for her blood sugar. I couldn’t believe it. In my head, I was like, “Whaaaaaaattt?!?!?!?” However, after

What about those twins?

I always get asked if twins run in my family. "Not that I know of" is usually my answer. There's also, "You must have been shocked when you found out you were having twins!" But to tell the truth, I wasn't really shocked at all. Karson and Lucy weren't what some people call, "spontaneous." In

A feeling of lightness

One of the best things about losing weight is the feeling of lightness. Thanks to Dr Higa and his team, I have gained my life back. I have done so many things lately that I would not have done before. Last week I mentioned traveling, but there are also a million smaller things. For example,

Riding the adventure train

Riding the adventure train with Karson and Lucy has been pretty awesome lately. This past week, I went on a nice hike, dressed up like an alien, and strolled through the zoo. I sang "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" about a hundred times and sat in a kiddie pool in the middle of a warm

Let’s Talk About Dementia

Imagine if you forgot what you were reading about before you reached the end of the sentence. Imagine if you couldn’t remember any of the faces of your loved ones. Imagine not being able to communicate with the people around you because you can’t remember the words or how to communicate them. For many people,

How Can We Grow?

In early 2013 we started our Facebook page here at WVMC. We didn’t really know what it was going to grow into, but we are so thankful to all of you for supporting it. Early on, I was asked if I wanted to share my thoughts in a weekly blog and I thought it sounded

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