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I Should Have Listened To My Own Advice

Man, oh man. Why didn’t I listen?!?!?!? Last week, I blogged about the upcoming heat dome that was going to bring hot temperatures throughout the week, and in preparation for the week, I got my tube of sunscreen out. I put it on the bathroom counter, and told myself that I was going to use

The arrival of summer

The arrival of summer heat has been drawing us toward the water. Last week we visited Detroit Lake. We jumped in the river this past weekend and the ocean is up next! Our backyard kiddie pool has been in the rotation too. Nothing cools you off on a hot summer day like water. The splashing

Prepare for the Heat Dome

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this week it’s supposed to get hot. Like real hot. Projected temperatures start creeping into the 90s come Wednesday, with chances of going into triple digits by the weekend. In fact, much of the country is experiencing triple digits and extreme temperatures right now. Apparently, a massive dome

Celebrating our Anniversary

Nate and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary this past Saturday. We stayed the night at the Brookside Inn where we had our wedding. My eyes filled with tears as we made our way into the familiar but long visited premises. We had a glorious weekend celebrating our love story. A glorious weekend, just

My Daughter is…. Constipated

She couldn’t go yesterday and isn’t having much success today. Yes, my 7 year old princess just told me that she feels like she can’t poop right now. She also looks super bloated and complained that her tummy feels full. I told her she was probably constipated (this has happened to her a few times

A Future in Medicine starts early

Taylor Vogel can’t decide whether she would rather assist patients directly as a medical practitioner or help develop cures as a medical researcher. So she’s planning to do both. “I like both the social and the science part, so I want to be an M.D. or an M.D./Ph.D.,” said Vogel, who graduated in June from

The Babysitter

This past weekend Nate and I took the plunge and recruited our first non-family-member babysitter. Our family has always been more than willing to watch Karson and Lucy but we don't want to overstep our bounds and sometimes they're not always available. It's nice to have options. We called upon a neighbor who lives down


You know how sometimes someone sneezes by you, but they barely make any noise and it’s almost cute? Not me…. When I sneeze, I blow the house down. Like, my neighbors down the street probably hear me, “Oh Zac must be sneezing again!” Earlier this weekend, I was watching some classic Disney cartoons with my

Our first rodeo and camping trip

We had a fun filled, festive, long holiday weekend that included the babies' first rodeo and first camping trip. I snapped some great photos to document the occasions. They will be great reminders of our time but I promise they don't reveal the whole picture. Here's what you can't see in our picture perfect shots.

Happy 4th of July

240 years ago, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence and the original 13 colonies declared our independence from Great Britain. 240 years ago. That’s a long time. Back in 1776, most people who practiced medicine had no formal education. They were not required to have any type of certification and most simply learned through

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