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Time for the Flu Shot

It's that time of year again. If you get admitted to our hospital, we are going to offer you a flu shot. You have the right to accept it, as well as the right to deny it. It's entirely up to you. This blog isn't aimed at convincing you one-way or the other. I'm not

Getting their own rooms!

I was so excited to give Lucy her own room and in turn, Karson, his. They've always shared a room. Their cribs are side by side. Karson and Lucy spend so much time together, I thought having their own private space would be good for them. And so, I slowly started gathering, dreaming and pulling

Need More Fruit & Vegetables in Your Life? Try Juicing!

I’ve never enjoyed eating vegetables. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become less picky with food, but I still don’t get excited about a serving of veggies. I’m a little bit more willing to enjoy fruit, especially grapes (I love those little guys!), but I’m certain that I’m not eating enough of both fruits and vegetables.


Yes, I saw a 104.5 temperature on my little princess on Friday night. My first thought, was, “Oh no! That’s way too high!” So I checked again, and it was 103.8…. Hmmmm. Mind you, I was using a temporal thermometer to obtain this reading. This type of thermometer works by measuring the infrared heat you

Drinking Responsibly

Not gonna lie to you guys. Had a great time last night. My beautiful wife turns 35 today and we threw a little house party last night with our closest friends. We had so much fun. Great people, delicious food, and we sampled many beers from the finest Northwest breweries. Now, let me first let


Today, Karson and Lucy turn two years old! What a difference a year makes. They seem so much older, bigger and more like their own independent selves. Still, they are the same as they've always been.Karson, for the most part is my happy go lucky guy. From the beginning of the day, he always wakes

Crushing Injuries

I had just run to the store to pick up a few ingredients for dinner. I was only gone 15 minutes. When I returned, I noticed the yard debris bin had toppled over next to the curb. Before I went inside, I tried to move the bin, but I couldn’t budge it. It was full

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