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“A” Grade Again for WVMC

Willamette Valley Medical Center Receives an “A” for Patient Safety in Fall 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit health care ratings organization, today released new Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades. The Safety Grade assigns letter grades of A, B, C, D and F to hospitals nationwide based on their performance in

Yesterday my son told me he was going to live 10 years less than me

With Halloween just two days away, the topic of conversation in our household has been candy, and how we don’t need to go crazy over sugar on Tuesday. Over the years, we’ve agreed to enjoy the fun of Halloween and let our kids indulge a few pieces of their favorite candy, but everything else they

Nova Battles on…To Acupuncture or not, that is the question?

To Acupuncture or not, that is the question?- Alternative ways to help yourself through Cancer and Chemotherapy As you embark on your breast cancer journey there are endless options. There are many different ways to fight cancer and many different beliefs and practices. Each person must pick the journey to battle cancer in the way

1st Degree Burns and More…

We’ve all done it. Bumped the over door when you are taking out the pan of freshly baked cookies. Grabbed the curling iron that you thought wasn’t on. Splashed some boiling water on your hand when you were draining your pasta. I’m talking about unexpected burns. No matter how careful we are, these things happen.

Nova Continues her Breast Cancer Battle…Blog #2

The Releasing of the Hair to the Mermaids-Creating Traditions, Memories and Hope           The minute you hear chemo you instantly ask "Will I loose my hair?" (I did!) It's what we imagine when we think of cancer and chemo. We have either known someone who has battled Breast Cancer or we are

Whoa Subconjunctival Hemorrhage!

Friday morning I noticed the outside of my wife’s eye looked red. I mentioned it to her and she said she hadn’t noticed. Of course she went to the mirror and examined her eye. “Whoa!!!” she said, “What happened to my eye?!?!” I looked closer and it looked like there was a tiny moon shaped

10 years of Mammograms…and then the diagnosis

~10 years of Mammograms and Monthly Breast Exams~ By Nova, WVMC Breast cancer patient sharing her story as she fights the battle of her life For ten years I religiously practiced as much preventive care within my power. Yet, I have now become that 11%, weeks before my 45th birthday! The 11% of breast cancer

Donate Blood in Bad Times and in Good Ones

Last Sunday, our country experienced a horrific event in Las Vegas. As the information came in, I was shocked and deeply saddened about what happened. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the news, and unfortunately, it’s a feeling we are all experiencing far too often. But in our darkest hours, we see

Helping with Hurricane Relief

Dr. Tom Cronin, an ED Physician was deployed on September 16th to Orlando, FL to provide aid for hurricane victims. He was deployed with the DMAT OR-2, a part of the National Disaster Medical System. They are a federal uniformed service team that goes out to provide medical care in potentially austere conditions. We normally

Healthy Pumpkins

Welcome to October, the month of the pumpkin. Over the last few months, we have been growing our very own pumpkin patch in our garden, and as I've watched the pumpkins grow, I’ve often found myself wondering about how to properly eat a pumpkin and what are the health benefits of pumpkins. I mean, we

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