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Why High Blood Pressure is So Dangerous

If you push on something with more force than it can take, you’ll move it. If you put too much pressure on something, it will break. These are basic laws of physics and this is perhaps the most important aspect of high blood pressure that you need to understand. When your blood pressure it too

Do You Understand Your Blood Pressure?

Every time you go to the doctor they take your blood pressure when you arrive. Come to the hospital, we monitor your blood pressure throughout your stay. Go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions and while you wait you can check your blood pressure at that little stand. Blood pressure here, blood pressure

Hands-Only CPR

 Hands-Only CPR Saves Lives  By Zac Woodruff, RN BS A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie with my 8 year old when someone started performing CPR on someone who had drowned. Two breaths, two compressions, two breaths, two compressions (ps they were doing it totally wrong.) My daughter says, “ew, there is no

Healthcare Education Scholarships are OPEN

Between 2004 and May 2017, the WVMC Volunteers have given $287,650 in awards to Yamhill County residents studying for a career in health care. Our Healthcare Education Committee has CLOSED the application process for the 2018-2019 scholarship season. The link to the application can be found below. If you are a Yamhill County resident and

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