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Organ Donation Saves Lives

Today, approximately 75,000 people in the United States are waiting for a life-saving organ. However, there are only around 8,000 deceased organ donors each year providing on average 3.5 organs. Living donors provide an average of around 6,000 organs per year (CDC, 2019). The most commonly donated organs are the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas,

Willamette Valley Medical Center 2019 Top Rural & Community Hospital

Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) has been named one of the 2019 Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals in the United States by the National Rural Health Association’s Rural Health Policy Institute and The Chartis Center for Rural Health. Regarded as one of the industry’s most significant designations of performance excellence, the annual Top 100

When Your Throat Hurts

Sore throats - sometimes they are caused by a simple cold, sometimes allergies, and other times dry air. They could be a symptom of the viral flu or even bacterial infection, like strep. Mine started to hurt on Tuesday morning. I woke up to the familiar, weird little tickle feeling in the back of my

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