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A Fever on Friday

My wife goes to wake her up to get ready for school and she is burning hot, the kind of hot that you can feel radiating through her pajamas. She says her throat hurts and she doesn’t feel good. Looks like somebody isn’t going to school today.

She shuffles out to the living room and cuddles up on the couch with her blanket and favorite stuffed animal. Her eyes look glassy and she’s coughing. You can tell she doesn’t feel good.

Her temperature is 103.4. When she gets fevers, they usually get pretty high. I give her some acetaminophen.

Her older brother is right by her side. He can tell she feels lousy and he wants to help, but doesn’t know exactly what to do. He gives her a kiss on the forehead.

Mommy goes to work and brother goes to school. It’s my day off, so I spend the day taking care of her. There are times throughout the morning where she perks up and starts to feel better. Temperature gets as low as 99.1.

We watch some Disney movies together.

We eat grilled cheese sandwiches together for lunch. She starts to feel lousy again. Temperature is going back up; 100.3, 102.4, 103.7, 104.1. She gets her 2nd dose of acetaminophen.

I don’t like high fevers, they always make me nervous, but I’ve been down this road with her before, plus I’m a nurse. Often times people focus solely on the number, rather than the symptoms, and from my assessment, it’s just her normal high fever response to a bug.

Her brother gets home from school and he immediately goes to her to check on how she is feeling. He wants to help. She feels lousy, but her fever seems to be going back down, 103.1, then 102.4.

Mommy goes grocery shopping while she lies in our bed and I cuddle next to her. For a bit, she’s very talkative, telling me all about some friends at school and sharing stories from throughout the school year. She seems to be perking up, but man, her back feels hot. Super hot.

Argh back up to 104. What the heck!

Time for a luke warm bath and cool water to wash her hair and face. You know how you know this child isn’t feeling good…. She turns down chocolate ice cream!

Almost time for her 3rd dose of acetaminophen. She’s been hovering in between 103 and 104. She says she still feels bad, even after the relaxing bath.

Let’s go to the couch, dim the lights, and cuddle up. Temperature is 102.6.

Now it’s 8:30 pm and Moanna is on the tv for the 3rd time today. My wife is checking her temperature right now, it’s 100.6, best it’s been in awhile.

That’s been my Friday. I’m sitting here on the carpet, looking over at my wife and daughter (my son is at the dinner table working on some art), and all I want is for my daughter to feel better. As soon as I’m done writing this and the movie ends, I’m going to carry her to her bed and hope she gets a good night sleep, but I’m expecting to be up with her a few times.

If you’re a parent, you’ve had plenty of days like these. No matter how many times you been through them, you always hate to see your child sick, but in the back of your head, you always have to be ready to seek medical attention if it’s necessary.

If you are unsure about their health status in any way, it’s 100% of the time the right decision to seek medical attention for your children. Here at WVMC, we are always here to help you and we will do everything we possibly can to protect the most precious people in our lives, our children.