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A Little Fright That Turned Into a Little Delight

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deliah2The week of Halloween our six year old daughter Delilah was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. She was admitted to WVMC on a Tuesday and as the days ticked by we realized 2014 would be the first time our little girl wouldn’t get to trick or treat.

In an effort to lift her spirits as she worked hard to improve her health, we decided to decorate her hospital room. Delilah’s friends and family brought different items and she guided us as we made her room quite “spooktacular.”

She took great pride inviting the staff, visitors, and other patients into her room where she was able to give out candy. Her excellent nursing staff went above and beyond taking her in a wheel chair to view all the different departments, decorations and to trick or treat from the staff.

During our visit the hospital had a competition amongst the departments to see who could win a wonderful Halloween trophy. However, on Halloween the staff decided to award Delilah that amazing trophy and made her feel like a million bucks.

Not only did the employees at Willamette Valley Medical Center shower her with attention, care, and positivity. They also brought her gifts, candy, homemade coloring books, and I’m sure anything her little heart would have asked for. As a parent I would never want my child to be sick, but I am thankful for everyone who made it such a wonderful experience.

*A special thank you to Delilah’s family for submitting her story.*