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Binky’s – A blessing and a curse

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We have a love hate relationship with Karson’s binky. It’s a blessing and a curse. It can save the day or cause havoc when it’s nowhere to be found.

We keep several on hand but still, several times a day, I find myself crawling on my hands and knees looking for a missing binky while Karson wails and mourns it’s absence. Sometimes he’ll even want two binkies. He’ll carry the second one around like a treasured jewel.

When they were born, I held out on offering them binkies for as long as I could to avoid what some call “nipple confusion.” This is when a baby can confuse the learned mechanics of sucking off a binky or bottle with the innate instinct to breastfeed until a proper latch is fully and easily established. Some babies can, and do, go back and forth just fine but Karson was having issues with latching and weight gain so I wanted to be extra cautious for the first three weeks as is recommended if possible.

One night, maybe two weeks in, my poor mother who was so graciously staying with us overnight to help with the duties, received some harsh expletives when I entered the nursery in the middle of the night to find she was trying to soothe Karson with a binky. She was only trying to help quiet him so I could get some rest but I was livid. I might have overreacted a bit but those first weeks are so hard and emotions run rampant (sorry Mom).

Before long, Karson took to the binky quite easily and Lucy found her thumb. She never did take a binky but these days she gets a lot of satisfaction from running off with Karson’s and playing keep away. She giggles and chuckles while Karson screams in frustration. I’m sure he’ll get back at her someday.

We usually limited the binky to sleeping and car rides but in recent months he’s gotten so much more attached. I started stretching binky time to pretty much anytime I would like to keep him from screaming. He doesn’t have his binky all day but he would if he could. It’s going to be a rough road when we decide it’s time for the binky to go “bye bye” but it’s a great tool for now. We were lucky that Lucy stopped sucking her thumb on her own will. I can’t imagine that will happen with Karson. Any advice on kicking the binky habit?