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October is Apple Month

Did you know.... October is National Apple Month, did you know? Yesterday, I attended a field trip with my son Henry’s class to an Apple Farm in Beaverton, Oregon. The kids had a great time. We learned that there are over 100 varieties grown in the United States. The students were able to taste test

Back To School Breakfast

This has been a big year for me; I now have a 1st grader. My son, Henry, started “big boy” school this week and so far is having a great week. Up to this point, Henry attended daycare part time where he ate all of his meals and snacks. This year for breakfast, I need

Back to School Dinner Dread

It seems that ‘Back to School’ is in full swing. For many families, back to school can even be a busier time than summer. Between car pools and late soccer practices to ‘Back to School’ nights and endless homework, the next few months will be quite busy for many families. Due to these busy schedules,

Fast Food: To Eat or not to Eat?

I had a great day with my youngest son, Thomas. We spent the morning at the Portland Zoo with many of his older cousins. He loved looking at the lions, crocodiles, and bat exhibits. The picture attached is one of Thomas enjoying the Zoo train. Due to all of the excitement with his cousins there,

August – Prevent Dehydration

If you were like me, you might have stayed indoors this past weekend or flocked to another venue that has air-conditioning due to 100°F temperatures. Due to the excessive heat, it is even more important to stay hydrated to prevent low blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and even heat stroke. My kids (Henry & Thomas) were

Pizza: Healthy or Not?

I recently went to a birthday party of one of my son’s friends. It was held at one of those inflatable bouncy house places with loud music and lots of excitement. Overall, the kids had a great time at the party and I’m sure all of the parents agreed that their little ones took great

“Snack-Wise at Work”

One question that I often receive as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is “what are healthy snacks options for me at work?” Snack can be part of a very healthy diet as it keeps us full and prevents overeating at meals, maintains blood sugars within normal limits, and gives us needed energy during a busy work

International Picnic Day

Today is International Picnic Day which celebrates gathering together with friends and family to enjoy a tasty meal. Picnics are a great opportunity to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cold salads, and your favorite BBQ protein. With hot temperatures and lack of refrigeration, it is especially important to keep food safety in mind. Try these

National Dairy Month

Low fat and non fat dairy products are essential as a part of a healthy diet. Intake of dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, and cottage cheese can be beneficial to bone health, heart health, and maintenance of a health weight. • Bone Health – Studies show that dairy food nutrients like calcium,

Farmer’s Markets are BACK!

We have recently been seeing the sun more which means that nicer weather will be here soon to stay for a bit. I love to see the sun this time of year because it means more and more farmer markets will be popping up in your community. My favorite things to purchase at farmers markets

Desserts: To Eat or Not to Eat?

One question that I commonly get as a Registered Dietitian is, “Am I ok to eat desserts?” Most people associate guilt with eating desserts because they are often high in calorie, large portions, contain high calorie ingredients, and often add calories over someone’s daily caloric needs. But as a Dietitian, I never label foods “good”

National Raisin Day – April 30th

Today, April 30th, is officially National Raisin Day. As a Dietitian, I love raisins for so many reasons. They are a nutrient rich fruit option, a great low fat option, and rich in minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants. On this day, please enjoy these little fruit treasures. Since they are a dried fruit,

April is National Garden Month

Many people have gardens, but for those of you who “are on the fence,” take a peek at some of the benefits listed below. The pictures are of my two kids, Henry (6) and Thomas (3). The highlights from our planting strawberries were lots of laughing, Henry loved using the water hose, Thomas found a

Get up and Move

Today is a great day to Get Up and Move! April 1st is National Walking Day sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA promotes ways to decrease the risk of heart disease, and walking is certainly an excellent way to help improve heart health. The benefits of a regular walking program can include

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of this celebrated "green" day, we wanted to share some green superfood ideas from our Nutritionist...here are a few ideas from Carly Dunn, MBA, RDN The color green and St. Patty’s Day go hand in hand. When preparing your lunch or dinner, try one of these 5 green super foods! 1.) Avocado- Theses

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