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Getting their own rooms!

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I was so excited to give Lucy her own room and in turn, Karson, his. They’ve always shared a room. Their cribs are side by side. Karson and Lucy spend so much time together, I thought having their own private space would be good for them.

And so, I slowly started gathering, dreaming and pulling things together for what would become Lucy’s room. We picked out a peachy pink hue to paint the walls and finally, just after their second birthday when her room was all together, I pulled apart her crib and dragged it next door to her new room.

Karson and Lucy were well aware that the newly decorated pink room was Lucy’s and the other room which recently lost it’s feminine touches was Karson’s. We had been talking about it for some time and the excitement was building. But when the time came for us all to say good night, the excitement was gone and replaced with anxiety.

Karson wanted to sleep in Lucy’s room, Lucy didn’t want him in her room and neither of them seemed content with any kind of arrangement. I even tried putting them in the same crib. Silly me picked a week to do this while Nate was out of town on business. I was going back and forth trying to calm them and had to rock and nurse them to sleep which I haven’t had to do in quite some time. They were inconsolable when they woke in the middle of the night. They wouldn’t fall asleep at nap times. They were a mess and I was quickly turning into one.

After of nearly a week trying to make it work, we threw in the towel. I popped up a pack ‘n play and put Lucy back in her old room with Karson. We had our first restful night and our naps got quickly back on track.

Sometimes I take for granted how much they love and find comfort in each other. They do their share of fighting, biting, hitting, hair pulling, scratching and yelling at each other but it’s obvious they depend on one another. It will be a challenge in the coming years deciding how much to let them lean on each other and when they need to find their independence.

I have to admit, putting together Lucy’s room was also a bit of my selfish wanting. Even though I have a girl, I hadn’t put together the pink baby room of my dreams. Since Karson and Lucy shared a room, it was decorated somewhere in the middle and I wanted her to have the girly pink room I thought she should have. I think she likes it as much as I do but I think she prefers the comfort of familiarity and her brother when it comes to resting.