Medical Records: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we receive about obtaining medical records.

How can I gain access to my medical records?

Record requests for copies of your medical records can be made via mail or fax (no email at this time) with a completed release of information form. These forms can be obtained from the HIM department during business hours or downloaded from this website. You may also make an appointment with the HIM Director to review your records in person. Contact the HIM department for further details.

Can I email my request?

Not at this time. Please complete and sign the release of information form. After you complete it, please return it by mail, fax, or delivery:

Mail it to:
HIM Department
Willamette Valley Medical Center
2700 SE Stratus Ave.
McMinnville, OR 97128

Fax it to: 503.435.6517

Deliver it to:
HIM Department
Willamette Valley Medical Center
2700 SE Stratus Ave.
McMinnville, OR

How can I get a release of information form?

You can download it from this website or pick one up from the hospital.

Are there charges for obtaining my medical records?

Copies of recent, on-site records, up to 10 pages, are given directly to patients as a courtesy. All other records requests are processed by our professional copy service at the following rates:

    • 1-10 pages………$30
    • 11-50 pages………$0.50 each additional page
    • 50+ pages…………$0.25 each additional page
    • Plus postage if applicable.

How will I receive my records?

Our professional copy service will mail your records unless prior arrangements have been made to pick them up at the hospital. Payment is required at the time of pickup.

How can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate?

Contact the Oregon Center for Health Statistics directly:

    • General Birth Certificate Inquiries: 971.673.1190 (Portland)
    • Yamhill County Health Department: 503.434.7477 (McMinnville)
    • Oregon Center for Health Statistics web site: