Hands-Only CPR Saves Lives

 By Zac Woodruff, RN BS

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie with my 8 year old when someone started performing CPR on someone who had drowned. Two breaths, two compressions, two breaths, two compressions (ps they were doing it totally wrong.)

My daughter says, “ew, there is no way I’m kissing a stranger like that!

I say, “you don’t have to my dear, if you aren’t comfortable giving rescue breaths, all you need to do is push on their chest, hard and fast until help arrives.

Of course, if you know how to perform full CPR that is the best option, but most people are not trained in basic life support (BLS) and many people are too scared in life-or-death situations to know what to do.

That’s the beauty of learning about the Hands-Only CPR concept.

Hands-Only CPR is exactly what the name implies. You only use your hands to do your best compressions and give someone a better chance at survival. That’s it.

I asked my daughter if she had ever heard of Hands-Only CPR and she told me no. My 12-year-old son walked into the room at that moment and said that he had learned about it at his middle school.

He told his sister how doing Hands-Only CPR could save someone’s life and anyone can do it. He told us about a demonstration he participated in and how they taught him to not be scared of performing chest compressions on someone who needs them.

I asked him if he thought he could do it for someone in need, and without hesitation he announced that he was certain he could. He said that he would want to help and he didn’t think he would be scared.

Again, that’s the beauty of this concept. It’s so simple and straightforward, anyone can learn the basic skills and have the confidence to put them to use if they are ever needed.

All you need is the willingness to act and a one simple skill.

Push hard and fast in the middle of the chest to the beat of a something at least 100 beats per minutes. (I think the easiest one to remember is the Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive”)

That’s it.

The American Red Cross has a easy to understand two minute video that you should watch and share with others: https://youtu.be/-Yqk5cHXsko

You can also check out this link on the American Heart Assocation’s website: http://cpr.heart.org/AHAECC/CPRAndECC/Programs/HandsOnlyCPR/UCM_473196_Hands-Only-CPR.jsp There is a ton of great information for you and your family members to check out on Hands-Only CPR.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Spread the word about Hands-Only CPR. Share this blog. Learn about it and educate others.


 — with Zac Woodruff.