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Home/"Mommy & Me" by Kendra Lindell/HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY TO KARSON AND LUCY!!!

Today, Karson and Lucy turn two years old! What a difference a year makes. They seem so much older, bigger and more like their own independent selves. Still, they are the same as they’ve always been.Karson, for the most part is my happy go lucky guy. From the beginning of the day, he always wakes up with a relaxed smile. He’s such a delight to be around. As he’s always been, he’s just so loveable and loves to snuggle and nuzzle cheek to cheek. He’s the sweetest little guy but I’m starting to see more of his aggressive, little boy side. He loves throwing things, jumping around and wrestling. He loves trucks and anything that makes loud noises.

Lucy is the epitome of sugar and spice. She can still be shy and reserved around new people but she’s coming out of her shell more and more. At home she likes to ham it up and take charge. She’s daring and often stubborn but she can also be sensitive and so loving. She has mother-hen tendencies with Karson. Sometimes I think she doesn’t realize she is only two.

Lucy is such a good helper, she’s my little shadow. Whether I’m putting on my make up, working outside, or cooking dinner, she’s always there watching me, imitating what I do and wanting to help. Karson might be off exploring or fiddling with something but Lucy is always right there next to me.

They both like to help each other. If one falls or needs a hand, they’ll rush in to assist the other. They like to hold hands and give hugs and kisses. They understand when the other is upset and might offer some kind of solution. They are clearly best friends and unfortunately for me, partners in crime.

One of Karson’s favorite treats is to watch Bob the Builder. The only thing I’ve found to get Lucy to sit still for more than a few minutes is painting and drawing. They love to play outside and get dirty. They help me gather food from the garden and visit the chickens every day.

Everyone always said the first year would fly by. It went fast, but in my mind it was so difficult, sometimes each day felt like an eternity. This second year, however has been easier, more enjoyable and has sped by. I’m dragging my feet trying to slow time.

Our days are ordinary by most standards but they are so extraordinary in terms of all the little magical tidbits. Their reactions and responses to the world around them, their interactions with each other, the discoveries, their fears and pleasures, the surprise and delight of everyday life is incredible to witness.

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