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Happy New Year!

12376830_1226010607415715_5998810177936176680_nHAPPY NEW YEAR!!

It’s the New Year, which means it’s time for fresh starts. This is the time when many people dream up goals for the upcoming year. I wonder how many people actually reach those goals. I know for years I would make the goal of losing weight and I never succeeded. This year is different because I have an extra tool in my tool box, a smaller stomach. It definitely has its perks.

However, I will be the first to admit that Weight-Loss Surgery is a huge commitment. As I have mentioned in my other blogs, even though I have made progress with my weight, I still struggle with my eating and exercise habits. This year, my goals are not to just lose weight, but to work on meal planning and consistent exercise. These goals combined with my “tool” will help me succeed.

This term, I don’t have room in my schedule to take an official exercise class. This bums me out because I don’t have that structure that I liked last term. But this now pushes me to take the next step and create my own workout schedule. I am hoping to find a partner that will keep me accountable, but if not, just the thought of swimsuit season coming up will help!

A friend of mine suggested looking into a running group. There is a local running store in Salem that holds a Woman’s Running Clinic. It is a three month program that teaches women how to walk/run properly and helps them get into shape. I am thinking of signing up because it provides structure, socialization and education. Also, it would get me one step closer to my goal of running a marathon.

Other than running, I would like to continue my weight training. I heard that weight training is more effective at weight loss because you continue to burn calories after the workout more than just by doing cardio. The tricky part will be to not get overwhelmed at the gym and figure out an effective program. Fortunately, the sports trainer at my school is willing to help me.

Anyways, I hope that everyone had a safe and fun holiday season. It would be amazing if everyone could reach their goals during this New Year. I know through the love and support of my friends and family I will be able to reach my goal weight. I am excited to see others to do the same. It’s amazing to see how people’s lives change for the better as they get healthier. So keep up the good work!