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Has Anyone Heart of Bariatric Pal?

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12688241_1243275985689177_7064039868046861590_nHas anyone heard of Bariatric Pal? It’s a WLS forum that opens conversations up for failures and successes within the bariatric community. I have been a member of it since before my surgery, but have not used it lately. Well, last week I got an email from them offering a free viewing of a documentary on WLS. The movie is called “All Of Me” and is about several woman’s journey’s through surgery and recovery.

I was conflicted about watching it. Part of me felt like I should and the other part was hesitant because I have been struggling and didn’t want to think about the subject. I decided to go ahead and watch it. Although I am glad I did, it was a struggle to get through.

The movie followed a group of overweight woman as some of them went through surgery. What made me sad was watching one of the woman getting the surgery and watching her gain all the weight back as she failed to comply with a new lifestyle. Not only did she not succeed at using WLS as a tool, but also lost some of her closest friends and husband due to emotional struggles. It was heart-wrenching to watch and I became scared that would happen to me. However, there was a happy ending for another woman who lost over 100lbs and kept most of it off.

The documentary was brutally honest about the realities of having WLS. I would recommend everyone thinking about having surgery or those who have already had it to watch it. It is very relatable to what most of us have/are going through. WLS is not the end, but just the beginning of a satisfying but difficult journey towards health. It is nice to know that we are not alone and that there is support out there. I feel lucky to have a supportive family, friends and doctors. Dr Higa and his staff are very nice and is very helpful with every challenge that comes my way.

The monthly support group at the hospital is a great way to meet other patients and get answers to questions. I am also thinking of starting a WLS social group in Salem, where we can build a group of friends that can understand what the WLS lifestyle is like while doing fun activities. Please let me know if you are interested in getting together sometime. It’s nice to have someone to talk to that knows what I’m going through. Thanks!