Dr. Tom Cronin, an ED Physician was deployed on September 16th to Orlando, FL to provide aid for hurricane victims. He was deployed with the DMAT OR-2, a part of the National Disaster Medical System. They are a federal uniformed service team that goes out to provide medical care in potentially austere conditions. We normally set up a tent emergency department but will also provide medical support at shelters, help decompress existing ERs, or be on stand by for national security events such as the inauguration, Olympics, etc. Originally they were deployed to help at a medical special needs shelter in Naples, FL following hurricane Irma. As of Tuesday Sept. 26th they were re-deployed to travel to Puerto Rico where the team is still currently serving.

Dr. Cronin joined the team in 2002 before he had gone to medical school. With a rich background in IT he is the telecommunications and IT specialist for the team. He has put in an application to work on the team as a provider and is waiting for a position to open.