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I Drove from West Salem to McMinnville for My Joint Replacement

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LIz McClureA while ago I received a newsletter from Willamette Valley Medical Center about the Joint Replacement Institute and really liked the testimonials, so I held onto it. Then I started having terrible pain – it felt like a knife going through my hip. So I pulled out the newsletter and called the Institute.

I also met with the orthopedists here in Salem, but I was especially impressed with the Joint Replacement Institute, so I decided to go there.

I loved traveling to the hospital. I didn’t even have to go into McMinnville. You just turn off the highway and it’s right there. It’s so simple, and my doctor’s office was in the hospital, too.

I was really impressed with Dr. Vessely’s experience

Dr. Vessely was my orthopedist. He has a really outgoing personality, and he just strikes me as a straight shooter. He takes his time with you and really personalizes his approach. I felt like if I had to do this – I had never had surgery before – I wanted him to do it. I was really impressed with his experience.

The whole process is fantastic because the more contact you have with all the specialists involved, the more information you get, the less fear there is. I got to meet with the program manager, then the hospitalist, who had a wonderful personality, and also with the anesthesiologist. There was a lot of hand-holding from all these specialists, and it absolutely felt great. The morning of surgery I was a nervous wreck, but everyone made me feel at ease.

Miguel, my physical therapist, was fantastic. He doesn’t leave any room for you to slack off. He’s so professional, but also so personal that I tried to do way more than I was expected to. On my third week after the surgery I was showing off for Dr. Vessely, walking down the hallway back and forth without a walker or cane or anything. He had a big smile on his face.

I told my friend about my experience and she had her knee replaced here

I told my friend about my experience. She lives in Forest Grove, and she had her knee replaced at the Joint Replacement Institute two months later. She was happy as a clam and said it’s the best thing she ever did.

A big thanks to Natalie Reed, program director; Dr. Michael Vessely, orthopaedist; Dr. Atiq Syed, hospitalist; Miguel Alonso-Diez, PT; Tim Kirby, CRNA; and the rest of the amazing team. I’m telling everyone I know about the Joint Replacement Institute.


On average, patients at The Joint Replacement Institute at Willamette Valley Medical Center have fewer complications, get better faster and have less pain three months after surgery than patients at other joint replacement centers.* Call 503.435.6571 to learn more.

*According to Marshall Steele database of comparable hip and knee centers of superior performance. www.marshallsteele.com