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If We Meet Again, I Know I’ll Be in Good Hands!

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I came to Willamette Valley Medical Center because I felt like five people were in my chest, squeezing as hard as they could, and since they were all standing on my lungs, trying to take a deep breath was next to impossible.

From the moment I checked into your emergency department there was protocol and procedure, empathy and understanding. The EKG, x-ray, blood work and all the other precautionary treatments took place in a systematic order.

Then enters Dr. Spear with a ton of questions. “There are a number of reasons for chest pain. One of which is the heart, but in order to get to the bottom of this, I’ve ordered an angiogram for tomorrow about noon.”

Time out! I had a concert to honor veterans at the community center Friday night at which I was the guest speaker. Saturday at noon I was announcing the state football game against Grant Union. It didn’t matter. Soon I was in room 224. The nurses were amazing and wonderful, very professional and knowledgable.

The next day I was taken to the room where the angiogram would take place. Here efficiency, expertise and organization were taken to another level. I was wheeled back to my room and instructed to lie flat on my back for the next five hours. If I were a good boy, I may be released in the evening.

 I made it to the concert, my speech was accepted with a standing ovation and the Dayton football team defeated Grant Union 62-6. Life is good. I could not have been treated better if I had private nurses and doctors. I hope we never have to meet under these circumstances again, but if we do, I now know I’ll be in good hands!

A special thanks and huge round of applause for: Janie Bullock, RN; Michael Clark, RN; Caitlin Johnson, RN; Jessica Krampits, RN; Melissa Millsap, C.NAII; Dr. Eugene Spear, cardiologist; and Naty Zamora, CNA. What a dynamic team!