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Life goes by so quickly when you’re mothering

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13051672_1307714195912022_4376349735850863922_nIt’s nice to have places you can go where time slows down. Early last week I left for a quick midweek getaway to Detroit Lake with a couple girlfriends and our little ones. After a couple fun filled, days the ladies went home and Nate decided to come and join Karson, Lucy and I for the weekend.

Detroit Lake is magical to me. It has the warm State Park nostalgia feel and the air is fresh and scented. The lake is big enough to get lost into, yet the town is small and completely uncommercial.

The first day we got there, while Nate was still back home and at work, I texted him a picture of us out for a walk under blue skies and a warm beaming sun. I said, “Sometimes staying home with the kids is really hard work. Other days it’s not.”

Days like that one I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty for the fun we have when he’s stuck in an office. But I know it goes both ways. Most days, he’s able to enjoy civilized lunch meetings while I’m quickly scrounging scraps from the babies’ high chair trays.

I love being home but we spend a lot of time at home and it’s also nice to get away. The everyday reality of mothering easily becomes exhausting and monotonous. A change of pace is refreshing and new sights to explore, keep the little ones busy. And keeping it simple made last week an enjoyable one. Stepping away from the daily grind and emptying our schedules made it easier to focus on each other.

I still had to deal with cleaning up messes, 5am wake up calls and screaming meltdowns. But between those moments of reality, I swapped organizing my home closet with sitting amongst friends while our little ones gazed and threw rocks into the lake. Later that week, instead of an early bedtime, Nate and I took Karson and Lucy to watch the sun set behind the mountains over the lake where he proposed to me.

Life is happening everyday, some days we just allow it to happen better than others.