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Life is such an incredible journey

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“Life is such an incredible journey. For me it’s been filled with many ups and downs and I am sure more will come. But for now I am celebrating the opportunities I’ve been given.

One of the biggest gifts I’ve given to myself is WLS. It’s been a difficult journey and I still have a long ways to go, but it’s given me a second chance at life.

Last week I was working out and decided to take a photo of myself. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see the progress I have made. But when I put the new photos against my “before surgery” ones, it was obvious there was a slight change. So, I decided to post them to Facebook to see what reactions I’d get.

I was extremely suprised and overwhelmed by the attention my post got! My heart burst by the loving words that my friends wrote. Some of those people I hadn’t talked to in years! I nearly cried when they said that I was an inspiration and am beautiful how I am. It’s so encouraging to have an amazing support system and nice to know that people see a difference, even when I can’t.

My hope is that everyone going through the WLS process can have as great of a support system as I have. One thing I suggest is to not be ashamed about your WLS, but be honest about the ups and downs. People are more open than it may seem about it and are influenced by your journey towards health.

Again, I am so lucky to have had such a smooth surgery and great support system. I am here for anyone who would like to reach out and talk. We all need to stick together! Thank you all!”