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Oh Man My Throat Was Sore

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Last week I told you guys about my daughter’s fever and illness, and like many of you could probably guess, she passed that along to both her brother and myself. Her brother’s fever peaked at 104.7 (yes, I know… crazy high right!?!?), but the most uncomfortable part of this illness for me was the accompanying sore throat.

My children were both very sick for one full day, pretty sick for the second day, and then starting to feel better on the third day.

I started to feel ill Tuesday afternoon, but it wasn’t until late Tuesday night that my throat really started to hurt. By Wednesday morning, it felt like my throat was on fire! I woke up barely able to swallow and felt like something was certainly wrong.

I looked in the mirror and used the light on my phone to illuminate the back of my throat. Beat red, inflamed, and uncomfortable, but not splotchy or showing any white patches. This was most likely something viral, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I might have strep throat (streptococcus).

Strep is often accompanied by high fevers, and being that it is a bacterial infection, you often need antibiotics to help beat the illness. Viral infections do not benefit from antibiotics and you just have to ride them out and try to ease your symptoms.

A few home remedies you can use to help ease the pain of a sore throat include saltwater gargles, throat sprays, lozenges, humidifiers, warm/hot fluids, and anti-inflammatories. I’ve always had luck with saltwater gargles and a couple ibuprofen pills, and that worked to provide me some great relief on Wednesday morning.

I paid close attention my sore throat and as Wednesday afternoon turned into Wednesday evening, my throat felt a little bit better. Wednesday night, okay… I can manage, but if it feels worse tomorrow morning, I’m calling my doctor.

Thursday morning, yes this is better than yesterday, but I’m not sure. Better call my doctor and let him know I may need a strep test and some antibiotics on standby. He was ready for me, but since I didn’t have a fever any longer he recommended to wait it out and check in with him the next day, but of course he would see me if I felt like I needed to be seen.

My doctor and I have a great relationship. I am very open and honest with my symptoms and concerns with him and he always encourages me to come see him if I feel the need. I advise everyone to try to foster a relationship like this with their primary care physicians as it makes navigating any type of illness much easier.

By Friday morning, I was feeling much better. My throat was looking and feeling better and I was confident it was just something viral and I was fully on the road to recovery. I called my doctor’s office and shared my news with them and they were happy to know I was feeling better.

The point of me sharing this with you is that you should always be ready to seek medical attention when you have a sore throat. Most of the time, they are attributed to viral infections and they go away on their own, but when Mr. Streptococcus decides to visit you, things can go south very quickly.

Thanks for reading.