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Our First Aid and CPR course

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Since becoming parents, Nate has stressed the importance of feeling comfortable and knowledgeable with first aid and CPR. Nate is experienced with both but I’m afraid I would be the type to fall more into panic mode. That’s not acceptable when I’m constantly caring for two little ones that depend on me.

Nate has demonstrated how to provide CPR on babies and children and what to do if they’re choking but I still never felt confident that I would have the skills to be prepared in an emergency. Especially since we live so far out from emergency services.

And so, we signed up for a First Aid and CPR course. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited to be spending a day during one of our family’s treasured summer weekends taking a course but this past weekend, we did it. And I have to say, afterwards, I felt tremendously more at ease with the thought of coming face to face with an emergency. Not just with my family but with anyone I might be near.

When CPR is necessary, more than one person with knowledge of CPR is likely to be be needed, something I hadn’t realized. CPR is physically demanding on the person providing it and they might need relief from another trained administrator. Don’t always assume because someone else has taken charge, you’re not needed. And don’t always assume someone else will take charge.

We learned several other first aid techniques, as well as do’s and don’ts. I learned how to save someone who is choking and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). You know those boxes that hang on the walls? We’re seeing them in more public places and they can save lives. They seem pretty simple to use but I can guarantee some practice in a learning environment is going to make a real life situation go a lot more smooth.

I highly recommend taking steps to make yourself prepared. Learn more about what you and your family need on hand at your home for any kind of emergency. Don’t forget non-medical emergency items like food and water reserves.

We initially took the course to become more prepared should an emergency occur with Karson and Lucy but it now seems like the right thing to do for anyone with the intention of helping others. We hope we may never find ourselves in those kind of situations but when we are prepared for them, their blows just might fall a little softer.