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What are cardiopulmonary care services?
Therapy and care for patients suffering from cardiopulmonary, neurological or other metabolic disturbances that require the administration of oxygen or other therapeutic gases, nebulized medicants, pressure breathing, aerosol therapy, and continuous ventilatory support.

How do patients begin receiving cardiopulmonary care services?
Through a physician’s prescription.

What if a patient requires these services at home or skilled nursing care facility?
They will be referred to an appropriate company capable of providing these services on an economical, ethical, and professional basis. Patients needing these services in a skilled facility will be referred to the hospital social worker.

How do I schedule an appointment for a specific test?
Usually, the referring physician’s office will schedule the appointment for you.

What if I need to re-schedule an appointment?
You can call Cardiopulmonary Care Services at 503.435.6565.

What if I have questions about the test?
You can call the physician who referred you for the test, or call Cardiopulmonary Care Services at 503.435.6565.