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Fast Track

ER-Fast Track

Reducing the time for our patients to receive emergency treatment is critical and has been the focus of many recent changes within Willamette Valley Medical Center’s Emergency Department. Our ER has seen tremendous growth in our number of patient visits over the last year which has motivated and challenged us to create new opportunities to decrease wait times and over all lengths of stay. These opportunities include the addition of a Fast Track Program, increase in the number of exam rooms, and increase in our staff.

Fast Track = Reducing the Wait

WVMC’s Fast Track Program provides care from 12:30-10:30pm, which is our busiest time of day and allows us to treat less-emergent patients quicker. Fast track is staffed with a dedicated Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and ED Tech and elicits a treatment goal of 90 minutes or less. How does the Fast Track improve WVMC’s ED? By treating the less-emergent patients quicker it allows for more bed availability and quicker treatment for those patients with more emergent needs and decreases a patient’s overall ED length of stay.

More Exam Rooms = Reducing the Wait

Three new treatment rooms and a central Triage Room have been added to WVMC’s ED. With the addition of our Fast Track Program we have increased the number of exams rooms to 22 which accommodates our increased patient volumes and allows us to provide care to more patients. The construction of our new Triage Room allows the ED Triage Nurse to view the waiting room at all times which reduces triage wait times and provides ease of mind to patients and families that a nurse is watching over them until a treatment room is available.

Increase in Staff = Reducing the Wait

One ED Physician, 2 Nurse Practitioners, and 11 new ED staff members have joined the department within the last few months and has allowed us to substantially decrease the response time for our patients. We have increased our staff by 25% each day allowing our patients to receive care faster and preparing our department to meet the needs of everyone that walks through our doors.