Weight Loss Surgery Pricing

We currently offer cash discount pricing for both our surgical and non-surgical weight loss options. Please contact our Bariatric Program Coordinator for more information.

For qualified patients, Medicare covers the cost of weight loss surgery at Willamette Valley Weight Loss Surgery.

As a new patient, you have many resources available to you. From surgery financing information to support group information, we have you covered.

Weight Loss Surgery Financing

Weight loss can be a very difficult thing to accomplish. If you’ve been considering weight loss surgery, but are unsure if you can afford the procedure, Dr. Thompson and his team can help.



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Insurance Benefits

Once you are ready to take action and begin your journey to better health, we can assist you with determining your insurance coverage and financing options. Many health insurance plans cover weight loss surgery, however the benefits and coverage vary depending on the specific plan.

In response to the variability and complexity of insurance benefits, our office employs an insurance specialist on staff to help you better understand your benefits and coverage regarding weight loss surgery. Please call the Ellen Plaia, Bariatric Program Coordinator for more information about self-pay pricing options.

Our insurance specialist will also help you navigate through insurance requirements for medical authorization. In addition, we offer financing options for patients who qualify.

Whether you’re thinking about having Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass surgery, Dr. Thompson will work hard for you, so that you can afford the procedure you need. If your insurance will not cover any part of your weight loss surgery, there are still other payment options available so that your procedure can fit comfortably within your budget.

Support Groups

We offer support groups to help you cope with the emotions surrounding weight loss surgery.

Please contact Bariatric Program Coordinator Ellen Plaia for support group information at 503-434-6060.