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We are in paradise. It doesn’t get much better than this. We’ve been spending our days by the pool and beach, splashing and swimming.

But it didn’t start off so peachy. The day of our flight here was pretty much the worst day ever. In the history of bad moments, days and nights with Karson and Lucy, the two flights we took to get here topped them all. I was prepared for it to be difficult. I had a huge bag of tricks including stickers, slinkys crayons and treats galore. But nothing could have prepared me for the worst ride ever and I couldn’t get off.

I couldn’t ignore the scowls of other passengers and the constant battles were wearing us down. Nate and I had to muster all the strength and patience and understanding to not just completely give up and allow the mayhem. I questioned myself. So many people travel with kids, was is it this hard for everyone else too?

I don’t think there was anything we could have done differently. No tips or advice could have made it better. We tried it all. It was just really, really tough.

But then about three hours into our second flight, we finally got them asleep and they became the sweetest little cherubs and all the stress started to melt away. At least for about 30 minutes until they woke up again.

But we made it and it was obviously all worth it. It took a couple days but we settled into our rhythm. Karson and Lucy napped well and slept through the night. It feels like our normal routine except we are hanging out in paradise.

And thank goodness for my parents. They have given us breaks and time to relax. Plus, Karson and Lucy are having a blast with them. The giggles, smiles and squeals they withdraw from Karson and Lucy are priceless.

Along the way of our trip I’ve captured so many pictures of the good times. I hold these sweet, perfect but ephemeral moments with our family so dear because above everything I need to remember these times. Above the screaming and wondering how we won’t rip our hair out, I need to remember how good it can be.

For a little while longer, we are in paradise but forever in love.