Three days ago, most of us sat down with our families and enjoyed a great meal together. I had wonderful meal with my family, and I’ve enjoyed the leftovers from our feast over the last few days….

We deep-fried a turkey and it was amazing. My wife cooked up quite possibly the most delicious potato casserole in the history of the world. The meal was perfect. We all felt so thankful to be with each other, to celebrate our family and all the blessings we have in our lives.

I read many posts on Facebook from friends and family about all that they are thankful for, but there were a few posts that really resonated with me. These were posts in which people shared their gratitude for not only their friends and family, but other topics and concepts that we may not think about as often.

One of my friends posted about how thankful they were for the doctor who helped to finally discover what was wrong with his mom, and then help her get the treatment she needed. He thanked this doctor for her intellect and persistence, but more importantly for her commitment to helping people. It was such a beautifully written heartfelt post about how lucky we all are to have doctors and healthcare providers who dedicate their lives to helping people in need.

We are all so lucky to live in a day an age where modern medicine and current technologies are able to literally save lives, every single day. Generations before us never had all of the opportunities we have today because they simply didn’t have the technology, understanding and knowledge. Like my friend who posted about the doctor who helped save his mother’s life, I too am thankful for those who are committed to helping people in their time of need.

Many of you know that 2 ½ years ago, my daughter had open-heart surgery up at Doernbechers and I’m forever indebted to the team of amazing doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers who literally saved my daughter’s life. I’m so thankful for all of those who serve to help make this world a better place and dedicate their lives to helping people.

I read another post from a family member who wrote about being thankful for having food to eat, a roof over his head, and most importantly, clean air to breathe. It got me thinking about how to many people around the world, these few things are never taken for granted, because many people simply do not have them. I’m so thankful for the crisp, clean, Oregon air that gives me life.

Another post I read thanked our creator for giving us the ability to laugh. My friend and his family caught the giggles in the middle of their Thanksgiving meal and from the sound of it; they made one of their best memories ever. I love to laugh, and I’m so thankful for it. LOL.

This is one of those blog posts that could literally go on and on forever. There is just so much to be thankful for and to appreciate. However, before I end this, there is one person I would like to thank.

You. Yes, you. Thanks for interacting with our Facebook community, reading the blogs over the last few years, supporting our hospital, and for being a part of our WVMC family.

We appreciate you so very much. Happy Holidays.  Zac Woodruff.