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They’re listening.

Lately I’ve been catching Karson and Lucy respond to things I say in front of them, even when I’m not talking directly to them.

When I tell someone Lucy has a bit of an attitude she’ll flash a cheesy, attention grabbing grin as if to say, “Not me?!” When I say they’re driving me crazy Karson might yell a crazy scream and laugh in a what can only be taken in a sinister kind of way.

They’re listening. They know what I’m talking about much more than I give them credit for.

What do they think when they hear me casually say things about them? It’s clear I can communicate to them even though they’re still learning how to communicate to me.

They love baths and I’ve learned not to even think of mentioning the word until I’m ready to execute. Nate and I practice quite a bit of spelling aloud these days but even that will only last so long.

And then there’s the times when I should say something but I don’t. When they’re owed an explanation about something but I fail to give them one because I think they won’t understand. They’re growing and developing so fast, sometimes I forget just how smart they are.

They may often practice selective hearing and I find myself having to ask them to do something over and over again but they hear me. I may get frustrated at times but they hear me. I may say things I don’t intend them to hear but they hear me. They see and hear me react to everything. It’s time to recognize that a little more.

I’ve always tried to talk a lot around them, I know it helps build their vocabulary but now more than ever, the content seems to be more important. I have a captive little audience. I better make sure what they hear is on point.