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They’re not babies anymore

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12936582_1297774273572681_6358575733774213414_nKarson and Lucy are 18 months now. Although they’ll always be my babies, in recent months, I haven’t been sure if I should refer to them as babies or toddlers. There’s no mistaking now, they’re not babies anymore.

They run and dance and climb. They play and babble and sing. They know how to throw and they throw everything; rocks, food, toys and even tantrums. They know how to say no and this is becoming a favorite.

They understand and respond to so much of what we say, whether it’s directed to them or not. They pick up on things so quickly and remember things too. I love teaching them new words and hearing them repeat it back in their sloppy little way. They really are smart little cookies.

On the other hand sometimes I get frustrated that they won’t follow certain instructions or listen to what I say. I take for granted that they’ve only been on this earth, on the outside, for 18 months. When you look at it that way, it’s unbelievable how much they’re already capable of. I’ve learned a lot in the last 18 months but just a drop in the bucket compared to them.

Some days I feel like I should be doing more learning activities and I scan Pinterest for some ideas. But then I see how much they learn just from exploring our everyday surroundings together.

We’ve been playing outside a lot. We live out in the country with a lot of dirt and gravel and everything is on a slope. It used to be a challenge and they wanted to be carried around everywhere but they’ve grown a lot more confident and independent making the outdoors a lot easier and more fun.

They eat like little tanks. We’re still nursing but after 18 months and one week of separation, it finally feels like it’s on the decline. I’m still getting used to grocery shopping for a family of four. You wouldn’t think those little bodies would eat much but I swear they eat just as much as me.

Karson loves sticks, cuddles and kisses, Elmo, dancing, reading books and wrestling with daddy.

Lucy loves flowers, eating, helping her brother, clothes, being a daredevil, baths, twirling in circles, and following me around everywhere.

They never miss pointing out an airplane or bird that flies overhead, or a bee that buzzes by. They love baths and splashing in the water.

They’re sweet and loving and are so much fun to be around. I can’t believe my little babies are gone but I love who they are growing into. We have so many adventures to be had!