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We Have Launched a Facebook Page. Why?

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Over the last month as we’ve prepared to launch our Facebook page, I’ve often found myself asking what business does a hospital have on Facebook?

In all honesty, I’m increasingly discouraged with the overwhelming amount of pointless interaction on my own personal page, and I don’t see any signs of that changing. I’m constantly bombarded with ads, suggested aps, youtube videos and shared links. Not to mention the hundreds of friends who post everything from what they ate for breakfast to what’s going on with the football game that is currently being shown on television.

Why do we even do these things?

In this new era of social interaction, I think we often forget to ask ourselves, Why do we even do these things?

I believe we engage in social media in an effort to be a part of a community, to know what’s going on with the people and things we care about. Do I necessarily care about what’s going on with any local business or institution? Maybe I do or maybe I don’t. But I do care about what’s going on in my local community, my schools, my parks, my government, and my community’s health. If you give me some information that I genuinely care about, well then, I’m interested.

Building a relationship between our hospital and our community

This is where I see value in a Facebook relationship between our hospital and our community. We can embrace social media to make a stronger effort to integrate into our community, to share information about what’s going on locally, and what issues and concerns are affecting our community members.

The more I thought about these aspects of Facebook and healthcare, the more I became excited about the possibilities. Here are the 3 top reasons that fuel my excitement.

Transparency and Accountability

Our new Facebook page will give a platform to our community members to engage in dialogue, whether good or bad, and discuss issues and experiences that have impacted their personal lives. Whether it was a difficult trip to the ER or an amazing experience in the Birthing Center, this page offers our community members a public forum to share this information and have hospital personnel and community members engage in conversation.


Another great aspect of social media is the fact that you can exchange dialogue back and forth, very quickly. We have assembled a team of hospital employees to respond to Facebook posts quickly 365 days a year. Our Facebook page will allow for a degree of interaction never before possible.

Community Awareness

Finally, and most importantly, we hope to make our new Facebook page a source of community information about what’s going on right here in our own backyard. Whether it is the upcoming breast cancer awareness 5k run, a fundraiser for local schools, or a summer event to bring the kids to, we aim to share community information through our Facebook page.

We are excited about the possibility of utilizing our new Facebook page to build a stronger connection to our local community. Please share our page with your friends and family, and let us know how we can help what’s going on in our community.

Editor’s Note: Zac Woodruff is a reformed radio manager and personality who is now a nurse on Willamette Valley Medical Center’s medical/surgical unit.