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Week 14- And So It Begins…

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Blog 13- 10-1-2015I am 14 weeks post surgery…..

This is my last first day of school! Its crazy really. I am hoping to graduate from Western Oregon University in June 2016. But there is no time for senior-it is; this year is filled with upper division business coursed, which are intense but exciting. Right now, I am taking Regression Analysis, Microeconomics, Math 111, Marketing and the Internet, and Intermediate Weight Training. I don’t know about you, but to me all these classes sound time consuming and difficult.

I think the biggest key to my success this term is going to be staying organized. When I don’t follow a strict schedule I tend to procrastinate and become stressed out. In the past, when I was stressed, I used to binge eat. This term I am trying to channel that stress in different ways. Instead of concentrating on food, I am exerting my energy on exercise. While I clearly did not need to add another class to my already full schedule, I decided to sign myself up for Intermediate Weight Training. I did this so I could be held accountable for showing up to class and actually working out. This structure forces me to get into a routine that I hope will stick once the class is over.

I took “Beginning Weight Training” last spring before my surgery. I told my coach that I was having the surgery and she was very supportive. On Monday when I came into class, she was going over the syllabus and in the middle of her sentence she looked at me and exclaimed “oh!” After class she told me that she did not recognize me and gave me a hug. It made my day to know that I have made so much progress that people are starting not to recognize me!

Anyways, I am doing weight training Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am also swimming during my break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week I have started by swimming half a mile each day, but I eventually want to lead up to a full mile of interval training. Swimming is so much easier on my joints and is a great core cardio exercise.

Finally, to save money and prevent falling back into old habits, I plan to start taking lunches to school. I have sandwich makings, yogurt and vegetables as well as some protein bars for snacks. I hope that I can keep up with all these good habits as I get busier throughout the semester. I am excited and nervous for all that is coming up, but I know that I will succeed if I stay focused and rely on my support system.