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Our hospital gave me back my life!

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About the time I turned 40 my body started falling apart. Over a year and a half I went from being able to work to having such severe hip pain that I couldn’t stand to do my job as a physical therapist at our hospital. I was literally sitting on a rolling stool all day long.

I talked with different surgeons at different hospitals, hoping to find a successful treatment. They told me I’d have to wait 15 years before I qualified for a hip replacement. I couldn’t bear the thought of that. Then I visited Dr. Vessely at our Joint Replacement Institute.

Dr. Vessely had a great reputation. He described an anterior approach to hip replacement I could have now and would allow me to return to work with full movement. I decided to do it.

Natalie Reed is the program manager. She really helped a lot and made everything happen smoothly. After the surgery, the nurses were really on top of everything. They helped control my pain and got me moving as soon as possible. They didn’t treat me like I was sick.

I just continued to get better and better and better. Now, a year later, I can do everything I was doing before the surgery, and even some things I haven’t done for ten years.

I have a new appreciation for what hip patients have to go through, and it’s stepped up how well I help with hip patients here at the Joint Replacement Institute. Patients really appreciate what I’ve been through, and I’m better able to treat other people.

I never thought I would need to have hip surgery at 40, but since I did, I’m so glad I had it at our hospital. The joint program gave me back my life.

I am so grateful for this team of experts: Dr. Mike Vessely, my orthopedist; Natalie Reed, Joint Care Coordinator; Darla McCandless, LPN; Miguel Alonso, PT; Joy Hallett, PT; and Matt Munger, PTA.


On average, patients at The Joint Replacement Institute at Willamette Valley Medical Center have fewer complications, get better faster and have less pain three months after surgery than patients at other joint replacement centers.* Call 503-435-6571 to learn more.