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13 Month Update on these Cuties

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twins-nov. 10Time keeps flying by as these two little ones grow in front of my very eyes. At 13 months now, we seem to hit new milestones every day and I’m in constant awe of all they’re learning. Lucy is shuffling all over the place, arms flailing out and up, wobbling to and fro. Karson is so close to taking his first steps, I keep thinking it will be any day now. They both say Mama and Dada (sometimes Da-deeeee!) and Karson especially loves to mimic sounds and syllables. They love giving kisses and inconsistently know how to wave hello and goodbye.

These are important milestones and should be noted and remembered, but it’s the little things I especially don’t want to forget and wish I could hold onto forever…

I love the way they explore something so curiously with their tender little fingers fumbling over new textures and feels… How they clumsily clap with imprecise execution but always at just the right moments… How their arms barely extend over their heads when raised up high, a signal for either enthused excitement or the need to be held… I love their perfect ivory skin, their full red lips and the way Lucy’s hair has grown into a perfectly shaped pixie cut… How Karson crosses his little feet over each other when he settles in to get comfy… How they point at everything as if it’s the first time they’ve ever seen something like it (which quite possibly could be true)… Their silly giggles that could go on and on once they get on a roll… Their rudimentary dance moves… How angelic they look when they sleep… How their eyes and smiles light up when Dad comes home… How Lucy loves to be chased before crashing into a pile of pillows and how much Karson loves peek-a-boo and story time.

I got Lucy’s first steps on video and I have my camera ready for Karson’s, but it’s these little things I don’t want to forget to remember. It’s these little things that keep us going and make all the sleepless nights and long patience-tested days more than worth it.
In my eyes, they are perfect little creatures, so full of life and love. I know there will be more moments and phases to love as they grow older but I just don’t see how it can get any better than this.