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Let the Waiting Game Begin

My due date is just around the corner as I have officially reached 38 weeks! The last couple of weeks have seemed to go by very slowly as I have been having some issues with high blood pressure. One day it will be elevated and I will have bad swelling, and the next day it will

Breaking Bad… Habits

So yeah, I’ll admit that I’m really excited to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad this weekend, but I’m also so sad that the show is coming to a close. Honestly, I don’t really want to, nor am I ready to, say goodbye to my favorite show ever. I think such is the case

Sleep Deprivation Can Make You Feel Fat and Dumb

I have a bad habit of staying up late. And I can’t blame my baby anymore, because he’s almost 20 months old and is now a pretty good sleeper. Once he actually goes to sleep, that is. My late night habits are entirely my fault. Because after baby goes to bed, I stay up and

Find a Buddy, Download an App and Walk It Out

Part of being a nurse involves educating our patients. We make every possible effort to teach people about making healthy lifestyle choices. For those interested in weight loss, it’s no secret that they must not only eat healthy, but they must exercise. A lot of patients have expressed to me that they’d love to start

Dear Mr. Fruit and Mrs. Vegetable

Hey you two! I hope you are well. It's been a few months since the last time we hung out. I know we sure were spending a lot of time together at the beginning of the year, and honestly you both helped me feel better than I ever had before. We really did have a lot

Never Forget

Yesterday I was all set today to write about sugar. I had websites and references all pulled up and ready to cite, and I was ready to write some witty diatribe on my love/hate relationship with my favorite substance. But I felt anything but sweet. My heart still breaks when I remember what happened in

Dear Diet Soda Pop,

We've had a long relationship, but I think some things need to change. You know, for years, I felt that our relationship has been very strong. But this year, every single month, I have learned more and more about you, and I've got to be honest with you, I don't like what I've found out.

Am I Un-American? A Fast Food Tirade

I'm afraid I'm not a true American. What I mean to say, is that I feel like I don't fit in. Like I'm an anomaly. You see, I don't like fast food, I eat pizza maybe twice a year, I don't have a love affair with bread, and my soda intake is limited to the

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