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Happy Holidays and Long Drives

I'm writing to you from I-5 today. Right now, my beautiful wife is taking a turn behind the wheel while I plug away on this here iPad and the kids are napping in the backseat. Two times a year, my wife and I take our two kids down to the Bay Area so we can

Sacrifices a Mother Makes

The babies had their two month checkup this past week. Lucy is climbing her way up the growth charts and although at a slower pace, so is Karson. I was concerned since he is more than a whole pound lighter than Lucy but the doctor assured me since his head size and length are growing

Thank YOU and Happy Holidays!

Three days ago, most of us sat down with our families and enjoyed a great meal together. I had wonderful meal with my family, and I've enjoyed the leftovers from our feast over the last few days.... We deep-fried a turkey and it was amazing. My wife cooked up quite possibly the most delicious potato

The Necessity of Asking for Help

I recently went to a follow up doctor's appointment where I had to fill out a questionnaire that screened me for postpartum depression.... Although I haven't noticed any signs of depression, I have had times when I just felt plain overwhelmed. I would never be able to manage without the amazing support network we've had.

JC Top Performers

Willamette ValleyMedical Center Earns ‘Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®’ Recognition from The Joint Commission McMinnville, November 20, 2014 – Willamette Valley Medical Center announced today it has been recognized as a 2013 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® by The Joint Commission, the leading accreditor of health care organizations in the United States. Willamette

Where is the Baby Manual?

They say babies don't come with a manual but if you look there are actually many to choose from. They all have expert advice on how and what we should be doing as parents and how we can easily "train" our babies to sleep and get on a schedule and things like that. You can

My Little One is Sick!

Up to 20% of the United States population gets the seasonal flu every year, and of those who get it, children get it the most. Every parent out there has been through this. One day your kid is feeling great and then all of a sudden they start to develop flu like symptoms. Last Saturday

The 4th Trimester with Karson & Lucy

UPDATE: Kendra Lindell gave birth to twins, Karson and Lucy on October 5th at Willamette Valley Medical Center Birthing Center. She writes about her experiences throughout her pregnancy and now that the twins are here, all their daily changes. Here is a little taste of our lives with Kendra and babies! The babies are now

Willamette Valley Medical Center Earns ‘Top Performer’ Recognition from The Joint Commission

We are pleased to announce The Joint Commission has recognized Willamette Valley Medical Center as a 2013 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®. Willamette Valley Medical Center has been recognized for its excellence in accountability measure performance shown to improve care for certain conditions and is one of only 1,224 hospitals in the United States

Halloween and Overcoming Our Fears

I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays of the year. The colors of fall, the joy of children trick or treating, the creativity of Halloween costumes, and the feeling that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. However, I've always wondered why do we have to have a holiday that is focused

We are prepared

The Ebola virus is the topic of discussion on nearly every platform around the country right now. Here at WVMC, we understand the importance of being prepared to care for a suspected Ebola patient, as well as the need to protect the safety of our community members and our staff.Our staff is educated and informed.-

Getting Closer to the Ebola Vaccine

Many health experts around the world agree that the only way to tackle the Ebola outbreak is with an effective vaccine. Fortunately, many countries and organizations around the world are working together right now to make the Ebola vaccine a reality. We really are getting very, very close to a fully tested and approved vaccine.Tomorrow,

These are the Flu Facts

Let's talk about the flu vaccine. I got mine earlier this week and my decision to do so was based on the science behind vaccinations, my understanding of that science, and my desire to protect... myself and my family from possible illness. Do I know that I could still get some type of flu bug

Private: Books Are Fun: Book and Gift Fair at Chemeketa College on Oct 10

Willamette Valley Medical Center Volunteers are sponsoring a book and gift fair on Friday, Oct. 10, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in room 101 at Chemeketa College. You’ll find books, games, scrapbooking, music collections, early learning projects, and gifts for all ages – at great prices! Proceeds go to help fund Healthcare Education Awards.

Family Practice Physician Matthew Bliven, MD, Receives Capella Healthcare’s Physician Leadership Award

McMinnville Family Physician Matthew Bliven, M.D., is the recipient of Capella Healthcare’s 2014 Physician Leadership Award. The award was presented on September 20 during the company’s annual National Physician Leadership Group conference. A member of the medical staff at Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC), Dr. Bliven has served in numerous leadership roles, benefitting the hospital’s

Family Movie Night

You can't be healthy if you're not happy, period. All aspects of our health and wellness function optimally when we are truly happy. I've blogged about this topic several times, but it's one of those areas in life that I think we can all use a friendly reminder. So you. Yes you. Today I am

I Get Nervous Around Hospitals

Note: Kendra Lindell is expecting twins in October. She has agreed to share her experiences here. I'm 32 weeks and still going strong. I haven't had any signs of contractions or Braxton Hicks and now that I'm starting to see an end in sight, I feel like I'll be able to hold on for a

Cancer Center Accreditation

H.R. Hoover, MD, Cancer Center at Willamette Valley Medical Center Earns National Accreditation with Commendation from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons McMinnville, OR  (August 14, 2014)--The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) has granted Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation to the H.R. Hoover, MD, Cancer Center

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