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Happy Holidays and Long Drives

I'm writing to you from I-5 today. Right now, my beautiful wife is taking a turn behind the wheel while I plug away on this here iPad and the kids are napping in the backseat. Two times a year, my wife and I take our two kids down to the Bay Area so we can

Sacrifices a Mother Makes

The babies had their two month checkup this past week. Lucy is climbing her way up the growth charts and although at a slower pace, so is Karson. I was concerned since he is more than a whole pound lighter than Lucy but the doctor assured me since his head size and length are growing

Thank YOU and Happy Holidays!

Three days ago, most of us sat down with our families and enjoyed a great meal together. I had wonderful meal with my family, and I've enjoyed the leftovers from our feast over the last few days.... We deep-fried a turkey and it was amazing. My wife cooked up quite possibly the most delicious potato

The Necessity of Asking for Help

I recently went to a follow up doctor's appointment where I had to fill out a questionnaire that screened me for postpartum depression.... Although I haven't noticed any signs of depression, I have had times when I just felt plain overwhelmed. I would never be able to manage without the amazing support network we've had.

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