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Do Babies Have Habits?

They say you can't spoil a baby but I think we're starting to grow out of that phase. Lately Karson has been going down for naps like a dream. His sister Lucy on the other hand is a different story. After Karson has peacefully nodded off, Lucy will remain tossing and kicking, screaming until I

One Branch at a Time

A few days ago my stepfather came over to help trim one of our cherry trees that was growing over our roof and giving our cute little neighborhood squirrels and easy pathway into our attic. My wife had been mentioning for the last year that we needed to do that, but my fear of climbing

2014 Health Strong Hospital

Willamette Valley Medical Center Named 2015 HEALTHSTRONG Hospital February 23, 2015 -- Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville, OR today announced it has been named as one of the nation’s HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals by iVantage Health Analytics. The study and announcement of the 2015 HEALTHSTRONG Hospitals, including Willamette Valley Medical Center, highlights top performing hospitals as

It’s up to YOU!

Recently, I cared for a patient who was facing some very serious and life-threatening health challenges. The patient was smack dab in the middle of a fierce fight with cancer that had metastasized to her lymph nodes. Her prognosis was very poor and yet, she was still so very positive, happy and gracious. I've met

The Babies are 4 Months…WHAT?

Four month update! It's hard to believe but yes, it has already been four months. They are growing fast and creating a lot of fun around here. They're constantly breaking into big wide mouthed smiles and giggles. Karson is our little talker with a constant stream of coos and silly little laughs. They love bath

Falling in Love

From the moment I found I was pregnant, I was in love. When we discovered we were having twins my love was doubled. And when we learned their genders, we put names to our little peanuts and the love grew even more. When the doctor passed our first baby up to me and I saw

It’s Heart Health Month

Take a minute today and say thank you to your heart. That friendly fellow has been beating nonstop for millions of beats over your lifetime. In fact, by around the time you are 30, your heart has already pumped 1 billion times! Amazing right? Our hearts work tirelessly everyday and the month of February is

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